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Autumn Fragrances: Top 10 For Men

You’ve been spritzing away with those floral and citrusy eaux de toilettes for the last few months. Now it’s time to dust off those aromatic and comforting eaux de parfums.

It was the season of refreshing fragrances over the summer, but now that’s over and Autumn/Fall has arrived, it’s the perfect opportunity to try something a little heavier.

Man For Himself has compiled a list of 10 preferred fragrances for these shorter and cooler days. Notes of clean woods, exotic spices and leather feature throughout, with some scents more intense than others. If you aren’t quite ready to dive right in, have a go at layering with some of the lighter scents.

10. Dermot O’Leary Vetiver & Cedarwood

A couple of years ago, radio and TV presenter Dermot O’Leary launched his first grooming range with Marks & Spencer. Since then he has created a couple of fragrances to add to collection, including this Vetiver & Cedarwood.

As an eau de toilette it is a relatively light and fresh scent but it is the cedarwood and black pepper that make it spicy, warming and rich; perfect for an everyday autumn fragrance.



9. Kilian Single Malt

Single Malt sits under Kilian‘s Cellars fragrance pillar. It takes inspiration from the powerful scent of whisky and the community of Londoners who have enjoyed the spirit over hundreds of years.

Once sprayed, the immediate first hit is of pure 20-year old single malted whisky, which then matures into wafts of oak barrels and hints of sweet vanilla and tolu balm. This definitely suited for someone who enjoys a punchy fragrance.



8. Bvlgari Le Gemme Tygar

Bvlgari’s Le Gemme collection pays homage to the planet’s natural raw materials. As part of the collection, Tygar was launched in 2016 with it’s shimmering golden-brown Tiger’s Eye on the top of the substantial lid. An indian tiger’s eye is supposed to draw energy from the earth and sun.

This fragrance is intended to evoke the feeling of courage and power, with a nod to the majestic tiger. Tygar is a great transitional fragrance, with the strong notes of ambery citrus that contrast against the wood and ambrox.



7. Tom Ford Ombré Leather

Ombré Leather is a heady, enticing and almost smoky fragrance that has taken inspiration from the era of the cowboy. One spray and you are immediately taken to the dusty desert surrounded by towering rocky formations and the scent of saddles and hides sitting in the sun.

Spicy cardamom and amber are fused with floral jasmine and patchouli to create this yin and yang Eau de Parfum.



6. Dunhill Moroccan Amber

The toffee hue of this Eau de Parfum from Dunhill perfectly mirrors its contents. Amber, saffron and cardamom have been blended to create this warm and earthy fragrance; inspired by adventurous travels and the Moroccan spice trade.

Moroccan Amber will fit perfectly into your fragrance wardrobe for use on those darker days.



5. Molton Brown Russian Leather Eau de Parfum

You might already be a fan of Molton Brown’s Russian Leather Eau de Toilette, but we highly recommend trying the new Russian Leather Eau de Parfum. It forms part of the New Guard Collective that was launched in August this year. There are 27 fragrances in the collection, including their first selection of eaux de parfum.

This Russian Leather is a more pure and more intense version of its previous Eau de Toilette. Siberian pine meets black amber, vetiver and geranium to evoke a rich, woody mood.



4. Penhaligon’s Halfeti Leather

Named after a small Turkish village, Penhaligon’s Halfeti Leather is a spicier and darker edition of the best-selling Halfeti. This punchy eau de parfum starts off with bergamot and citrus zest with hints of lavender but settles with heavier notes of oud, patchouli, and leather.

This is one of Penhaligon’s iconic fragrances with a twist. If you like the original, this could soon become one of your favourites.



3. Tom Ford Beau De Jour

Beau de Jour is one of many fragrances to form the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection, which use some of the purest and most original accords within its ingredients. Geranium has been blended the top notes of lavender and mint to create a balanced and refreshing opening. It settles with a herbal layer of rosemary, down to the base of warming patchouli and amber.

This is truly an artisanal and luxurious fougere fragrance, designed for those perfectly groomed gentlemen out there.


2. Clean Reserve Smoked Vetiver

Clean Reserve Smoked Vetiver is invitingly subtle and sensually provocative. Take the plunge with a strong, decisive aroma that’s sure to incite a response. A zesty and vibrant fragrance that perfectly blends the fizzy notes of lemon with the juiciness of pear.

This is a surprisingly light Eau de Parfum from sustainable brand, Clean Beauty Collective, but it will be ideal if you like to layer up with another fragrance – the deeper notes of myrhh and musk will be lifted.



1. Bvlgari Man Wood Essence

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence is an Eau de Parfum that epitomises the strong yet vulnerable ties between the city and nature. A unique neo-woody signature for a natural and sophisticated man.

Wood barks and resin, such as benzoin from Cambodia, sit at the base which are mixed with spicy notes for the dry down. At the top, it opens with refreshing Italian citrus zest and coriander leaf.


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