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The Perfect Suit For A Summer Wedding

All set for that summer wedding? Follow my top tips to find the perfect suit. Fit, colour and accessories - all explained!

Follow my top tips to pick the perfect suit for a summer wedding. 

A wedding is a special event. The meeting of two people in front of their friends and family, to show how much they love each other. Okay, that’s the formal bit; but it’s also a great opportunity for you to absolutely nail it in the style stakes.

We all saw David Beckham at the Royal Wedding. He looked perfect. He took the Morning Suit dress code and totally owned it. But you don’t need to be splashing the big cash like Becks to be looking the DBs. You can do it all on the hight street and online with M&S.

Check out my hand tips to find your perfect fit this summer.



Images by Tom Buck

I’m Wearing:

Textured modern slim fit jacket

Textured modern slim fit waistcoat

Textured modern slim fit trousers

Pure cotton tailored fit shirt

Twill tie (available in 10 colours)

Leather brogues

Leather belt


Suit For A Summer Wedding: What’s The Dress Code?

As for any event, you need to know the dress code.

If the invitation doesn’t say, you can either ask the hosts (if you’re fairly friendly with them) or play it safe in a traditional 3 piece like I’ve done here. Playing it safe, however, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style.

Work with fit, colour and accessories to create a look that’s just as unique as you are.


Unsure of wedding dress codes? Check out the M&S guide here


Find Your Fit!

You may have found the perfect looking suit, but how does it fit?

We all have different body shapes and there’s a suit to fit everyone. Don’t be afraid to over-order online and try on as many different suits as you like. You can also pop into you local M&S store and have an assistant measure you up. It’ll literally take 10 minutes and allow you to find a suit and shirt that really compliment your shape.

M&S have suits in 6 different fits:

Suit Colour?

When it comes to suits, keep it simple! 

Unless you’re a total peacock and love to show off in floral prints and summer brights, keep your suit neutral in colour.

Go for warmer tones and simple textures to look smart but seasonally on trend. Textured cream (like the suit I’m wearing) and mottled grey will add a point of difference to the type of suit you’d wear to the office.

Shop M&S suits here


As with everything in formal wear, less is more.

You don’t have to wear a tie or a bow tie to a wedding, but think about how you will feel without one. Will you look underdressed; out of place; will you feel confident? All good questions to ask yourself.

A pocket square (hanky in your top pocket!) is a great addition to a suit; and will also double as a tissue if the ceremony gets particularly emotional!


What Shoes

Play it safe and go for black or brown shoes.

Black shoes will go with most suits and are the safest option. Brown shoes add a more casual twist to a suit and can also make the outfit look more modern.

Don’t forget comfort! Wedding = long day. Wear something that looks and feels good. Try and break them in a couple of days ahead of the big day.


Colour Matching?

Colour matching and co-ordinating can be a really great way to add personality into your outfit. Pick one colour and work with it.

If your suit has a texture or pattern, isolate one of the colours within it and match with your tie or socks. If you’re wearing a pocket square, match it with your tie. Colouring matching is a really easy and effective way to pull the whole outfit together.


Tonal colour matching

Take one colour and work with it in different shades. Primary colours (red, blue, yellow) work especially well.