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Bicester Village | Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Bicester Village... and more!

Everything you need to know about Bicester Village.

I always refused to go to Bicester Village. “Eugh, I’m not traipsing all the way there. We’ve got all the shops in London,” I would say. I genuinely thought it would take a lifetime to get to and I didn’t fully appreciate all the shops that were there… until last week!


Bicester Village is the stuff of legend. You hear stories of guys and girls who have bagged themselves the greatest bargains in the history of shopping. Mulberry bags, Gucci kicks and Coach leather jackets, but would I find my perfect piece?


What Is Bicester Village?

Bicester Village is a purpose built shopping destination in Oxfordshire. It’s one of 11 Villages in Europe and China.

Appropriately named, the Village is home to more than 160 boutiques of leading fashion and lifestyle brands.


How To Get To Bicester Village

It couldn’t be easier to get to Bicester Village. It’s a 46 minute train journey direct from central London to its very own train station. From there, you’re a short walk into shopping heaven!

But if you prefer to drive (or have a driver to carry all your bargains), there is free onsite parking.

Click here for full directions and a map to Bicester Village. 

Bicester-Village-All-Need-To-Know--6Bicester Village Shops

Bicester Village is best known for its outlet stores and huge bargains. From Alexander McQueen to Givenchy and Zadig & Voltaire, it’s the ultimate A to Z destination in designer shopping.

I spent a lot of my time around my favourite brands, trying on (and buying, obviously) these gorgeous Acne Studios boots, a leather jacket from Coach and four shirts from Reiss. All of them were at a reduced price and were items that I had been previously lusting over.

Not only was I surprised by the mark-down in price, but I was amazed by the breadth of choice on site. I was there for a day, but I could have easily spent a week!

I’m fairly picky in my menswear choices but Bicester Village had it all covered – giving me a great start in creating my summer wardrobe.



Food and Drink at Bicester Village

Once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave. As well as the shops, there are some great cafes, restaurants and bars.

I started my day with a flat white at the Farmshop Restaurant & Cafe; grabbed a quick sandwich at lunch; had a shopping sugar top-up with an ice-cream mid-afternoon; and finished with a slice of cake and a large glass of red in the evening.

All part of a balanced diet… or something like that!


Planning Your Visit To Bicester Village

In order to succeed, you need to plan! Before heading to Bicester Village, make sure you know what you’re going for.

It can be a little overwhelming with the amount of choice on offer there. Check out their list of brands and have a think about what you want to buy.

My top tip would be to stock up on classic pieces. Do as I did and go to Mulberry for menswear accessories, Coach for leather jackets, Reiss for shirts, Gucci for statement trainers and Acne Studios for Scandi vibes and killer wardrobe staples. Oh, and also check out Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Paul Smith and Prada.

Best get planning!