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Healthy Hair Tips Every Man Should Know!

Simple tips we can all follow for healthy hair.

Haircare products are important to keep your hair looking its best, but how do you make your hair and scalp be the healthiest it could possibly be? We have everything you need to know about maintaining your shiny locks without spending the extra bucks on things you don’t need:

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Healthy diet = healthy hair

A healthy and balanced diet means your hair and scalp also get the nourishment it needs.

You’re trying to keep your hair strong, shiny, and bouncy, so you may wanna stock up on foods like berries, eggs, basically anything that is rich in protein and Omega-3 (salmon is a great example). These foods help prevent hair loss, so on your next grocery run, don’t forget to add these to your cart.

You can also look into taking Biotin, a supplement that can aid in hair growth especially if it’s thinning. Not only that, it keeps your skin and nails healthy too!

Maintenance is important

Haircuts are often easy to overlook but regular trims will help keep your hair in tiptop condition. Your hairdresser or barber will know if your hair or scalp needs more attention than necessary, and it’s always good to take their advice. Split ends are a thing too so trimming these signs of breakage immediately will do your hair wonders.

You should also be careful with heat as this is your scalp’s #1 enemy. When you’re subjecting your hair to heat, make sure you’re priming it with protectant sprays and following it up with proper conditioning. If you’re using a hairdryer, always move it around, don’t let it hang over one spot because that’s where the damage starts.

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Have the right tools

To groom your hair, you must have the right tools. Brushes and combs have different uses and should be used accordingly.

Opt for a wide-tooth comb to get rid of tangles on wet hair. Fine-tooth ones are not recommended when your hair is damp because end up tugging on your hair more, which could lead to breakage.

Do your research on treatments and products

The correct hair treatments and products can certainly take your hair from good to great, but you have to do proper research to determine what it is exactly you need.

Does your scalp need exfoliation? Then you might have to go with a salicylic acid treatment to remove buildup of products. The same goes with everyday hair care stuff.

There are tons out there with very specific uses and it’s important to choose them according to your hair type, need, and lifestyle. You wouldn’t want oil-based products in your hair especially if you’re not a fan of washing it every so often. So do your research and think about what it is you need them for.

Healthy Hair Tips Every Man Should Know!