Lil Nas X: Bleached Afro Buzz Cut With Low Fade

Lil Nas X is rocking the shortest Afro buzz cut MFH has ever seen him with – and, naturally, he documented the process on social media (read on for more info).

But of course, he had to add a standout touch and go the full, bleached blonde.

Because, they do have more fun, right?

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Why We Love It:

“Hey, future me, I’m gonna do it,” Lil Nas X said on X (formerly Twitter) recently, as he started undoing his braids, preparing to give his Afro a DIY buzz cut.

He then admitted: “I’m afraid to cut it. This hair initially symbolised my freedom in a way. Our dad didn’t let us grow our hair [so] once we were finally able to, we dyed it, braided it, wigged and weaved over it. We did almost everything with this hair.”

He starts with scissors, but then gets the clippers out to get it super short. The result? “I look kind of good!” he said. “Y’all, I love it.”

But, being Lil Nas X, he then decided to bleach it at some point afterwards to give it more standout.

High cool and high maintenance – just what you’d expect from everyone’s favourite style chameleon.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Lil Nas X has nailed this dyed blonde Afro buzz cut with low fade.
  • Be prepared to visit your barber regularly to keep the buzz cut looking sharp.
  • And also note that the colour will also need weekly or fortnightly touch-ups because of regrowth.
  • To get the right shade of bleached blonde without totally destroying your hair, don’t attempt to do this at home. This must be left to the professionals.
  • It will probably take a few tries over a few months to get the exact colour you want.
  • Afro hair tends to be more prone to breakage so post-bleach TLC will need to be a regular part of your routine.

Get The Look

  • Your curl pattern might alter due to the bleach and become a little looser/straighter.
  • If you notice this happening, then make sure you condition your hair every time you wash it – which should only be 2-3 times a week maximum.
  • A leave-in conditioner or hair oil is ideal.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, ideally leaving it on overnight.
  • To keep the blonde colour looking bright and not too brassy, use a purple/silver shampoo on it once a week.
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