Jeremy Strong’s Hair: Grey Crewcut With Moustache

Jeremy Strong’s hair, which is naturally grey, couldn’t be more different from his Succession alter ego Kendall Roy’s dyed black, business-ready look.
Jeremy’s polished crew cut keeps it neat, but that moustache adds a little devilish, debonair flair.
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Why We Love It:

Jeremy Strong’s hair is yet more proof that letting your grey loose is a genuinely good look.

The sharp crew cut ensures his hair looks on point, while the moustache really does give him a sophisticated, urbane edge.

With this video shared on X after Succession’s final season wrapped, it’s clear that Jeremy wanted to rid himself of Kendall’s heavy character energy.

The best way to do that? Shaving off Kendall’s jet black barnet.

Proving yet again how important the look, colour, and style of your hair can be to how you feel, and to people’s perception of you…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Jeremy Strong’s hair look, ask for a crew cut – in other words, a short back and sides that blend with the slightly longer hair on top of your head.
  • You have various options when it comes to the short sides – they can be tapered; chopped with scissors or clippers; or you could even opt for a fade, depending on the length and finish you’re after.
  • Regular trims can help short haircuts to keep their shape, so discuss with your barber how often to book in.

Get The Look

  • Jeremy Strong’s hair is an easy-to-style look.
  • Spritz sea salt spray or texture spray throughout and tousle with your hands.
  • Then blow dry your hair, using a vent brush to gently sweep it back and slightly to the side.
  • Warm a tiny amount pomade, paste or clay between your hands, and run it through your hair to smooth and flyaways.
  • Top Tip: If your grey hair starts to look a little  brassy, use a purple or silver shampoo once a week to get rid of the yellow tones.
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