Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hair: Short Curly Hairstyle

From medium-length dark curls in Sherlock to tightly coiffed black hair in Dr Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair plays as much a part in his acting roles as he does.
It’s rare to see his hair in its natural, curly glory – and it’s a good look.
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Why We Love It:

He’s an acting chameleon who shies away from the spotlight, so as a result, Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair, when he is off duty, is not something we’re used to seeing.

With his shortcurly hairstyle that’s a lovely dark auburn colour, Benedict’s barnet looks healthy, shiny, and totally frizz-free – the Holy Grail when you have curls/waves because it can be so hard to avoid fluffy-looking follicles.

He’s either genetically blessed, or he uses great products and spends time giving his bonce some serious TLC. (MFH suspects the latter.)

Read on to find out more advice about how to look after your curls, and the products to use.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you’ve got similar curly texture to Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair, make sure to go to a barber/hairstylist who knows how to deal with curls.
  • Check out their social media, and make sure you have a consultation before booking an appointment for a cut.
  • Benedict’s hair has been tapered gently at the sides and back to give it a little shape.
  • On top, his hair has most likely been textured and point cut, ensuring the layers are not too blunt, and removing the heaviness and bulk out of the hair so it sits well.

Get The Look

  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair, which is naturally curly, probably gets a fair bit of TLC to keep it from looking dry, fluffy or frizzy.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often. Two to three times a week will suffice.
  • If you’re a regular gym goer, then just wet it in the shower, don’t shampoo every time.
  • Very gently towel dry the hair by softly patting the moisture out. Whatever you do, don’t rub the hair, or it’ll encourage frizz.
  • Even better, invest in a microfibre hair towel to soak up the excess moisture without damage.
  • Coat your hair evenly from roots to tips with texture or grooming cream.
  • Then add in a curl cream to encourage your curls to form a nice shape.
  • Finally, apply a leave in conditioner to ensure your hair is hydrated and nourished, and spritz with a heat protector spray before blow-drying.
  • Ideally, use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment as this spreads out the airflow to help the curls stay structured.
  • Gently hold the diffuser directly on your hair, drying one section at a time.
  • To enhance shine and reduce frizz, you can use a small amount of hair oil (or frizz-reducing product) after your hair is dry.
  • Simply put a couple of drops on your fingers, rub them together, and then ruffle through the hair.
  • Deep condition your hair once a week – ideally overnight.
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