Daniel Ings: Side Parted Hair With Long Wavy Fringe

The Gentleman actor, Daniel Ings, rocks this classic cut with side part: the long, wavy fringe adds extra interest.
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Why We Love It:

Playing the disgruntled elder son Freddy, in The Gentleman, Daniel Ings steals every scene – and IRL his long, wavy fringe is the scene stealer from this otherwise very classic cut.

It’s a versatile look because with the right product, Daniel can slick his hair back, or go for a more 1930s gangster slick look with a severe side part.

But it looks at its most flattering when his natural waves are left to do their thing with that long fringe.

Check out the What To Ask Your Barber for info on the cut, and the How To section for insight into styling it.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • It’s best to have a pre-cut consultation with your barber so they can understand the style you’re after and also look at your hair’s texture so they can give the right advice.
  • Daniel Ings has a classic short cut with side parting – so can talk to your barber about whether you want it more tightly tapered at the sides and back than Daniel’s.
  • Tell your barber which side you prefer to part it, and whereabouts.
  • Daniel’s fringe would be left longer than eyebrow length, but because it’s wavy, it springs back up to his eyebrows.
  • Your barber may use point cutting or texturising techniques to cut the weight out of the top of the hair to allow for a more streamlined look and easier styling.

Get The Look

  • Daniel’s wavy hair is in great condition, so it’s about taking the time for lots of TLC.
  • When you do wash your hair – which should be only 2-3 times a week – use nourishing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Once a week use a deep conditioning treatment, ideally overnight, to give it a boost.
  • When hair is damp, add a curl cream to it to enhance the structure of your waves or curls.
  • Then, if your hair is fine and need a bit of oomph, you could add in a sea salt spray for some grit or a volumising mousse.
  • Scrunch it a bit and let it dry naturally.
  • Or you can blow dry it on medium heat, tousling it and scrunching it a little to bring out the natural texture.
  • Finish by running some anti frizz product through it for shine and softness.
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