Cillian Murphy: Tapered Hairstyle With Long Floppy Fringe

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He’s been winning his way around the 2024 film awards circuit – and Cillian Murphy’s tapered hairstyle has just won the (unofficial) MFH Award for Best Use of a Long, Floppy Fringe.

MFH says

Cillian Murphy might be so preternaturally good-looking he can rock just about any hairstyle, but this tapered look with the side-parting and that floppy fringe is his most flattering hair look yet.

Especially when you compare it to his severe Peaky Blinders haircut – a hard hairstyle to pull off for even the prettiest of faces.

Cillian has recently been wearing his hair in a centre-parted curtain style, but this side-parted fringe style not only flatters his features more, but it shows that a simple change to a hair parting can have a big impact.

It also looks like Cillian has dyed his hair (no judgement here BTW) because his hair is naturally quite grey.

But he’s gone for a rich chocolate colour with warmth in it, rather than a severe black dye, so it looks more natural and not too harsh against his skin.



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  • For Cillian Murphy’s hair look, ask for a mid-length scissor cut.
  • The cut has been tapered skillfully around the ears and at the nape of the neck.
  • Show your hairdresser where you like your side-part.
  • They’ll need to leave a bit of length on the top – a good 3-4 inches, especially around the fringe area.
  • And they’ll layer/point cut it to soften the shape, give it a little texture, and make it sit better.
  • Cillian’s hair is in great condition.
  • So use shampoo/conditioning products containing as few chemicals as possible.
  • And, ideally, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week.
  • After washing your hair, put a drop or two of hair oil (find a light formula that won’t make hair greasy) on your fingers and rub together to warm the product up, before running through your hair.
  • Spritz on some heat protector.
  • Part your hair on the side.
  • Then blow dry your hair on a low heat, ruffling it gently as you dry it.
  • Hold your hairdryer downwards as you dry it, which helps to keep the hair cuticles smooth.
  • If you have hair with wave and want Cillian’s straight hair look, then use a pair of straighteners on your curtains.
  • Then use a little pomade and tousle the top of the hair and the fringe a little.
  • The side parting doesn’t need to be severe – you want a soft, slightly textured look.
  • Spritz a small amount of shine spray on the hair when you’ve finished.



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