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My First Time in NYC

5 nights and 6 days in New York City. Popping my New York cherry (/apple)!  Scroll down for the video I had a fantastic time in New York and I can’t wait to go back....

5 nights and 6 days in New York City. Popping my New York cherry (/apple)! 

Scroll down for the video

I had a fantastic time in New York and I can’t wait to go back. It was my first time there, so I tried to cram in as much as possible.

Heres’s what I got up to…

I travelled… by flying from London Heathrow to Newark Liberty International Airport (across the river in New Jersey).

I stayed… in a really great Airbnb apartment in the East Village. Located in a really cool part of town, I was within walking distance of some fantastic bars, restaurants, galleries and shops. Soho was just around the corner, so carrying bags home was pretty easy.

I visited... as many places as possible. Central Park was a highlight for me. Running a 14 mile round trip from my apartment, uptown, round the park and back was epic.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was an experience. It’s huge and has a really eclectic mix of art. Top tip: Get there early and take yourself up to the rooftop bar. The views over Central Park are gorgeous and they also have some pretty tasty cocktails.

Robin James Man For Himself Rooftop Bar Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rooftop at The Met

Feeling that I needed another art hit, I explored the Museum of Modern Art. For anyone that enjoys a more hands on experience with art, this is a good shout for you. There are loads of interactive installations and the people watching in here is amazing!

I also took a run up to Grand Central Station. That place is huge!

Robin James Man For Himself

Gray Line Tours

My best decision was to buy a 48 hour pass for Gray Line Tours. For $72, I had access to all their hop-on, hop-off bus routes – Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn, Bronx and Night Tour – and cycle hire for an hour in Central Park. As part of the package I also had access to their sightseeing ferry which took me from Battery Park (southern tip of Manhattan) to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. While at each spot, I was able to wander at my leisure, and hop back on the boat, which left at 20 minute intervals.

The tour guides on Gray Line Tours are fantastic. They’re super-knowledgeable and really make the experience. If you’re short of time and really want to see as much of NYC before you leave, do the bus tour!

I wore… not a lot. I was constantly too hot! Short shorts, worker boots and low cut vest were my go-to. My Ray-Bans were a saving grace – protecting my eyes from the sun and hiding my hungover eyes!


Robin James Man For Himself Snapback

God bless the snapback

My hair… was a mess. Struggling with the humidity, I opted to wear my hair slicked back with Kevin Murphy Gritty Business. See how to achieve the hairstyle here. My snapback also saved my hair and my dignity!

Stage Restaurant Hash Breakfast

Stage Restaurant

I ate… With the heat and rushing around the city, I didn’t eat a lot. When I did, I opted for quick, comfort food. I did, however, go for an amazing brunch on the Sunday at Freemans Restaurant. The perfect remedy to a heavy Saturday night, I had the Piedmontese Cheeseburger, artichoke dip and a Breakfast Martini. The place fills up quickly, so get there early or prepare to sit at the bar until a table becomes available.

I also found Stage Restaurant – a diner in the East Village. For $10, I had a coffee and breakfast sausage and hash. Sitting up at the counter and surrounded by workmen, I did my best to pretend I was form the area!

Robin James Man For Himself 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

230 Fifth

I drank… too much! Stemming from the Breakfast Martini(s) at Freemans, I was a big fan of gin-based cocktails. I met up with my friend Dana who took me to 230 Fifth, a rooftop bar with views all over the city. The Gin and Cucumber cocktail there was amazing.

Robin James The Monarch Hotel FLY Sundays

FLY Sundays

I partied… hard and fast. My friend John took me out in Williamsburg with some of his friends on my first night. We also went to FLY Sundays, a Sunday rooftop party at the Monarch Hotel. The hotel is located right next to The Empire State building, which is pretty insane. Expect to hear some heavy dance beats and old school 90s hits. Expect to see a lot of very attractive people, wearing very little

I watched… Frozen on the plane across. Who knew!? I loved it. On my final night in the city, I took myself off to see Avenue Q. What a LOL.

I listened to… whatever was playing in the bar I was in. That happened a lot. My go-to tunes for my trip were Röyksopp & Robyn’s ‘Do It Again’ and CAZZETTE’s ‘Sleepless’.

And now, watch it in action…

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