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5 Tips To Follow When Self-Tanning Your Face

5 tips to follow when using a self-tan on your face.

Self-tanning may not be for everyone but it is undeniably becoming more popular among men. It’s the easiest way to get a natural-looking glow and a little bit of colour, especially if your skin is on the fairer side.

So if you’re interested in giving your skin a bit of a boost or you just want that seamless, sunkissed look, then here are five tips for self-tanning your face without any streaks or bits.

1. Exfoliate

Like any other skincare routine, you first have to prep your skin. Exfoliation will get that base layer ready for the product you’re about to put on.

There are two types of exfoliation: chemical and physical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation is applying cleansers with exfoliating particles that are intended to remove dirt and dead skin. Ideally, you just want to concentrate on your beard area when using this type of exfoliator as this can cause microtears on the rest of your face if you rub too hard.

A chemical exfoliator, meanwhile, would be good for your face. Reach for an AHA which is water soluble and can help polish the skin up or a BHA, an oil-soluble exfoliator that deep cleans your pores and is perfect for acne-prone skin.


2. Use tanning drops

The key to getting that natural looking self-tan is to use drops. Some MFH favourites include E-cooking’s Self-Tanning Drops which is totally customisable; and Typology’s Progressive Self-Tanning Serum which is a more gradual tan. It doesn’t give you that colour right off the bat but develops into a nice tan as the day progresses.

Other honourable mentions are Isle of Paradise’s Self Tanning Drops and Tan Luxe’s Super Glow with hyaluronic acid. This acts more as a serum applied after your toner and will help plump and hydrate your skin.


3. Customise

You are in control of what you want out of your products, so learn how to customise! A good rule of thumb for beginners is to use one to two drops of product to ensure your tan doesn’t go overboard. Add more if you’re still not satisfied, but don’t too go crazy with it.


4. Add to moisturiser

Adding tanning drops to whatever moisturiser you’re using will reduce the chances of streaking or getting random patches of product on your face, especially on your beard area.

Just take your favourite moisturiser, add a couple of drops of your desired tanning product, and mix it well by rubbing your hands together. When applying to your beard area, work it in using circular motions. Don’t forget your neck during application and use the same technique when you’re working it in close to your hairline.



5. Wash your hands

Tan lines are avoidable if you just wash your hands! Lather on some soap, work it through your fingers, rinse, and dry your hands off right after. You’ve just taken care of your face, you don’t need it on your hands too!