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Fragrance Mistakes To Avoid!

Have you been applying your fragrance in the wrong way?

Have you ever sprayed yourself with a fragrance or cologne only to wonder why you still smell like your natural scent? Then maybe you’re doing something wrong. 

While applying perfume seems straightforward, there are ways for it to last longer on you. Here are some slip-ups that you need to avoid so you can get the most out of your favourite scent:



Spraying the fragrance directly on your clothing

This is the number one mistake men (and women alike) commit when spraying on their perfume of choice. Spritzing directly on your clothing does nothing; in fact, it hinders mixing with your natural oils and hence, causes the scent to lose what makes it unique. This also does not allow for the fragrance to develop and go through its scent stages, so you end up with a flat scent.

Additionally, some fragrances can cause harm to garments or fabrics, so look out for that!


Rubbing perfume onto your skin

Anytime you apply unnecessary friction onto your skin, you lose that precious scent. We know it’s a tough habit to break, but natural enzymes produced by heat can change the course of your fragrance

The best way to apply perfume is still to spritz on your wrists or dab onto the skin if you have a cologne and just let it dry down.

Putting on too much perfume

Remember, less is more when it comes to perfume. So hold back a little, spritz just the right amount in the correct spots, and you’re good to go. You can always ask a friend if what you’re wearing is enough and reapply after a few hours.

Incorrectly storing perfume

While this is something that often gets overlooked, the way you store your perfume affects its overall performance. Think of your perfume as a living organism – it will react differently depending on its environment.

Avoid keeping your fragrances in rooms that shift in temperature, like your steamy bathroom. Going from cold to hot can age your perfume fast by setting off chemical reactions, so best to keep it at room temperature in the box it came with.

Applying perfume all over your body

Spraying perfume all over yourself is never a good idea. Heat is what activates your fragrance, so spritzing on your pulse points or the warmest spots on your body will help retain the scent. Now, where would be the best place to apply? Do it behind your ears, on your neck, inner wrists, chest, and behind the knees. Anywhere your blood flows close to the surface of the skin is ideal.