I’ve recently changed my quiff routine and the products that I use.

Instead of building volume with a mousse, I’m now using a volumising powder, a hairdryer and some matte finish paste. This gives me the big, voluminous quiff that I love, but also allows for me to keep it super-relaxed and messy.

I’m using…

Fudge Big Hair Elevate Styling Powder
Fudge Matte Hed Extra
Wella Silvikrin Classic Hairspray

You’ll also need a hairdryer to build the volume



Start by blow drying your hair. 

For extra volume, I always blast it to the opposite way that it grows. 


Sprinkle in some of the volumising powder.

Start at the roots and work through the length of the hair.

Layer this up. Don’t use too much otherwise it’ll go sticky and matted.



Use your hairdryer again to build more volume.



Next, grab a little bit of styling paste and work through the hair.

This will sculpt and add definition to your quiff.



Last time with the hairdryer.

I like to break up some of the strands of hair and ensure that the paste is worked all the way through.



This is when I work in a side part.

You can also neaten the hair slightly. It’s a messy quiff so don’t go too regimented!



A quick once over with hairspray…



And you’re done! A big, voluminous, messy quiff.


And if that was too quick… check out my video tutorial here: