The Perfect Encounter | Cocktail
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The Perfect Encounter


The Perfect Encounter

With one hand typing this article and the other frantically swiping on Tinder, I’m wondering if there’s still time to find myself a date for Valentine’s? 

Unlikely, but I have decided to swipe right on all the sensory delights that the day can offer.

This year, Johnnie Walker whisky and Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar have come together to launch a new cocktail. Named The Perfect Encounter, it’s been designed as a drink to share with your special someone.

Sat in front of the open fire with my friend AmandaI’ve got to say that it was the best non-date ‘date night’ that I’ve had in an absolute age.

With a glass of champagne to start, we had time for a catch up before the main event.

Brought to us in a vintage travellers chest, we could instantly smell all the ingredients of the cocktail. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous – with tiny little lights peeping through the cracks of the box. I almost didn’t want to open it, it looked too good!

Served over ice, The Perfect Encounter uses premium whisky Johnnie Walker Blue Label as the base and is mixed with espresso, honey (from the roof of the Rosewood), Lillet Blanc and a few dashes of Aphrodite Bitters.

It’s an extremely easy drink as doesn’t require you to be a massive whisky fan. But with the quality of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, whisky fans (like myself and Amanda) will be more than satisfied.

If you’re looking to impress this V Day or just fancy an absolute killer cocktail, I’d totally recommend The Perfect Encounter. Okay, so £80 for two cocktails (oops, forget to mention that) is pretty pricey, but this ‘magical’ day only comes around once a year. And if you’re single, just rock up by yourself and enjoy two to yourself… you never know who you might meet in there.

The Perfect Encounter

Stirred and served over ice.

The Perfect Encounter is priced at £80 and available up until 16th February at Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar.




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