With snow storms and bitter winds, spring may seem like a long way off… but it’s never too cold or bleak for an apricot trench coat!

Reiss-Ranch-Trench-Coat-Apricot-frontReiss have some great seasonal pieces in store at the moment – from lightweight blazers to tailored trench coats like this one. They’re on the upper end of high street, but definitely worth the extra spend for something that will last well beyond the trend for an apricot (I’d say it’s more peach, but who am I to argue colour and fruit choices with Reiss!?) trench has past.

Priced at £265, this cotton single-breasted coat will help ease you into a spring-like state. I absolutely love the cut of the jacket – it’s non-fussy and totally versatile. Also, that collar – it just begs to be starched and popped!

Wear with:

  1. … over a bright knit and camel coloured chinos with navy brogues for a look that says ‘the seasons may be messed up, but my sense of style isn’t!
  2. … a graphic tee, stone-washed skinny jeans and brown boots to make a statement of your own unique style.


Don’t wear with sandals – as in the lookbook shot by Reiss!


Buy the coat online with Reiss here