I’m a firm believer in crafting an outfit with a statement accessory. Be it a watch, hat or bag, the right accessory can instantly transform a look.

But you don’t have to spend a small fortune with Mulberry, Givenchy or Balenciaga for a bag that is both practical and a statement in itself.

Albam have some really pieces in their current collection. Priced at £12 for a ‘Bag For Life’, £35 for a ‘Canvas Shopper’ or £59 for a ‘Rope Shopper’, any of these bags would be bang-on for a quick trip to Tesco, an afternoon gym sesh or the perfect work-wear accessory.

Founded in 2006 by James and Alastair, the British brand believes in “simplicity, quality and honesty” and that’s exactly what you get… and sometimes that’s all you really need in a bag!

Check out the bags below…

Find Albam online or at one of their stores in Covent Garden, Islington, Soho or Spitalfields.