There’s no better feeling than packing a case, jumping on a train and escaping the city for the weekend. 

I’m wearing:

Growing up in the north east of Scotland, I definitely took the fresh air and huge open spaces for granted. You just can’t beat it.

This weekend I went to stay with two of my best boys who have just bought and renovated a house in Lincolnshire. A short trip out of London and I was in a new land, leaving behind all my worries… and a bedroom littered with hair products and clothing! I seriously need to tidy up.

It was great to relax, take in the beautiful scenery and drink a lot of good red wine. It wouldn’t be a weekend otherwise!

In this post, I’ve gone for a mix of function and fashion – styling an oversized bright blue denim jacket, fitted camel coloured trousers and box-fresh Gola Classics. Okay, so white trainers probably aren’t the most practical for a walk in the country, but they looked pretty good.

The overhead jacket has a fantastic silhouette and can be worn big, down to the knee or – like I’ve done – pulled in at the waist for a form fitted finish. It’s got a Scandinavian vibe and is definitely a favourite of mine for spring.

Now Monday, I’m back at my desk, main-lining coffee and planning my next weekend getaway. Where to next?