Dressing for a formal occasion like a prom can be stressful.

From choosing the cut of your suit, the colour, the accessories you wear and the hairstyle you pick; the whole experience can be pretty overwhelming.

I’ve worked with Moss Bros to create this guide for you. Styling three different suits, I’ve shown you how you can achieve a look which reflects both your personality and your style credentials.

The Tuxedo

Robin James Man For Himself Prom Suit

The tux is an obvious choice for a formal event. It’s a timeless classic that will ensure that you tick all the boxes for etiquette.

Although it looks like I’ve played it safe with my hair, I’ve gone big on the details on my outfit.

I’ve chosen to wear a white dobby shirt – a type of weave which has unique geometric patterns in the fabric. It has great texture and looks far more premium that it actually is.

Sticking with the black and white, I’ve chosen to wear a contrast bow tie. With black fabric layered on top of white, the accessory is given depth, making it more of a fashion piece.

I’ve always been a fan of statement cufflinks. They’re the perfect way to inject some of your personality into your outfit. With a stag design and shiny gunmetal finish, these ones are a definite talking point.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with black patent. The high gloss draws the eye to the shoes and shows that you’re a man who really cares about his appearance.

Midnight Blue

Robin James Man For Himself Prom Suit

My next suit is one that will get real use. After prom, it’s perfect for weddings, family events or worn as separates. 

Making the outfit more playful, I’ve gone bigger with the hair and added pops of colour in my accessories.

I’ve kept it simple in a plain white, single cuff shirt but added a contrasting colour to the ensemble with a red polka dot tie.

Having red against blue is a bold statement, so I’ve gone minimal with the pocket square. Anything but white would have been too much.

Finally, I’ve tied the whole outfit together with brown accessories – from the belt to the brogues, it’s perfectly rounded off.

Grey Check

Robin James Man For Himself Prom Suit

My final look was all about experimentation and I didn’t even know it would work until I tried it all on.

I took the height of the hair down a notch and went for more of a monochromatic vibe in my outfit.

A black tie against a black shirt can sometimes look like you’re working in a cocktail bar, but with a form fitting waistcoat , blazer and matching trousers, you’re definitely more suited to drinking martinis than serving them.

I had another pair of shoes which I was going to wear, but the black patents just worked too well with this final look.

It’s sleek, it’s smart and it’s a welcomed departure from the norm.


Let me know which of the three looks is your favourite and tag me in any of your outfit posts from your events on Instagram: @ManForHimself


Thank you to K West Hotel & Spa who gave me an amazing room for the day to film this video for you guys: http://www.k-west.co.uk/