Do you Love whiskey? Do you take pride in your footwear? Well, you are going to go wild for these Oliver Sweeney brogues, with a hidden bottle of Johnnie Walker in each heel.

I’ve always struggled with the “If you were stuck on an island and could only take one thing,” game. Do I take shoes? Or should I go with scotch whiskey? It’s a toughie, but now I have the answer: I’ll take these!

Oliver Sweeney have crafted a limited edition (only 130 pairs have been made) brogue in collaboration with Johnnie Walker, and I’m lucky enough to own a pair.

Taking its lead from the platform and stack heel trend, the classic Oxford style Brogue takes two days to make, using only the finest calf leather – completed with the Johnnie Walker ‘striding man’ tattooed directly onto the leather.

The design also sees the signature Johnnie Walker Red Label colours feature in the stitching, inner sole and dust bag, while the tan leather mimics the colour of whiskey. But it’s definitely the miniature bottle in each heel which get’s me excited. Gimicky or functional, I don’t really care – I just know that I love this feature.

The launch is part of Johnnie Walker’s ‘The Bold Collections‘ – a series of ventures fusing drinks and design. Both a bottle of Ginger Ale and a recipe card are included in the shoe box, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a Johnnie & Ginger in impeccable style.

Fitting my size nine tootsies like a glove, I’ve been given an extra inch of height and definitely a boost to my footwear collection. The bottles are plastic, so there’s no fear of any dancefloor glass drama; and you can remove them if you want to go for the simple brogue look.

But seriously, why do simple when you can carry a Johnnie Walker under each foot?

The Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue has an RRP of £279.00 and is available in select Oliver Sweeney stores (Conduit Street, King Street and Marylebone) and online here