Follow my 10 step tutorial for how to tie a bow tie.

It can be a little daunting and difficult at first, but watch on and I promise you will get it.

You will need a shirt with collars and a self-tie bow tie. My bow tie is from ASOS.

How to… 

  1. Place the tie over your shoulders – leaving one side about an inch longer.
  2. Cross the long side over the short side and pull through to tie.
  3. Place the long side on your opposite shoulder.
  4. Fold dangling end to make the first loop.
  5. Take long side off shoulder and down to form an ‘elephant’ with two ears and a trunk.
  6. Fold the ‘ears’ forward together.
  7. Fold the ‘trunk’ back on itself to form an ’S’ and pass through the loop at the back of the tie.
  8. Let go of the ‘ears’ and neaten the 4 sides.
  9. Fold down your collar.
  10. Neaten the bow tie. Done.