Penhaligon’s Cousin Matthew

A brand new addition to the Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection. Opening with a juicy mandarin and levelling off with an earthy patchouli.

Packaging: 5 Star
Overall: 3 Star

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MFH says

Cousin Matthew is a new addition (launched in March 2019) to the Penhaligons Portraits Series. It is a fresh and lively scent with a fruity top note of mandarin – perfect for any sunny spring day.

Penhaligon’s Cousin Matthew Notes

Top: Mandarin.

Heart: Petitgrain.

Base: Patchouli.


The trouble with Matthew seems to be just one of location and timing; wrong place, wrong time. He is, it’s true, never far away when things go awry. Educated, he gallantly takes the blame without contestation and is mildly surprised to cause such a nuisance for the actions of his delightful twin sister. And so he contemplates the sky, a dandelion, or a muddy gate for hours, to forget the latest bother with Nanny. He really can’t remember putting dead frogs in her bed, but if Flora says he did, why argue…?

First appearances can be deceptive. This eau de parfum has a pedigree that is unexpected. Mandarin is open and fresh and sparkling, patchouli gives a base that is rich and darkening. In between it’s also breezy, dazzling, vibrant, a lesson in the very best of modern refinement. Easy-going and confident, this is a fresh fragrance of consequence.


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