Matiere Premiere Radical Rose

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An overdose of rose absolute.

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Why We Love It:

Wow! This fragrance is one of the purest, fullest, and most concentrated rose scents I’ve ever encountered.

Imagine Matiere Premiere Radical Rose as a glass of squash… before it’s diluted with water. That’s how potent it is!

While this may sound like a radical recipe for disaster, it’s anything but. Radical Rose defies expectations; it’s not your typical floral fragrance. Instead, it’s a bold, modern interpretation of the classic rose that commands attention.

The spicy floral notes are beautifully complemented by a glistening ambery dry down, adding depth and allure to the scent.


Matiere Premiere Radical Rose Notes

Rose, Patchouli, Saffron, Labdanum, Pepper

What They Say

Work on the highest concentration in the world of rose centifolia absolute. Exacerbate the bright, spicy facets of the rose with saffron and pepper berries essence Jamaica. Highlight the dark, woody facets with patchouli essence Indonesia and labdanum absolute Andalusia.

Smell: 5 Star
Sillage: 4 Star
Longevity: 4 Star
Quality: 5 Star
Overall: 5 Star

Rose Centifolia Absolute France, extracted from roses organically grown by Matiere Premiere.

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