I’ve put Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Full Form Mousse to the test.

How does it fair with my big quiff; and is it really worth £20 for a 143g can?

So… what’s the verdict? 


This has become one of my favourite hair mousses. Without fail, it gives my hair fantastic volume, shine and hold. It’s definitely my go-to if I’m short of time and need a product that I can rely on.

That said, £20 is pretty pricey for a can of mousse considering that my usual product retails at roughly £4/5.

I’ll be keeping this mouse for special occasions. Sitting pretty on my top shelf (next to my good whisky), I’ll whip it out for high days and holidays, not just a Sunday jaunt to Tesco… well, it really depends which cashier is working the tills.


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