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Hair Transplant Industry: What You Need To Know! 

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Hair loss expert and Man For Himself contributor Spex explains what to know and what to do before going under the knife!

The hair transplant industry is a risky business. I should know – I have been victim of the industry. So take my advice.

If you take your time; do your due diligence; and get everything authenticated, you’ll be much better off. Also, I’ve always found meeting other patients in person is one of the very best ways to do your research. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.”

I’ll be the first to say, some great things have come out of the hair transplant industry in the last decade or so. I’ve seen some pretty magnificent results – including my own, which is possibly one of the most inspected (if not the most physically inspected) results the world. I chose to offer myself as an example to help empower and educate others, and help them see what can be achieved in the right hands. There truly are some incredible surgeons in this industry who care and are remarkably talented, as well as ethical. You simply need to find them. A great starting point to research clinics and surgeons is via the

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A Victim Of Its Own Success

The industry is a victim of its own success. You get a handful of top-notch hair transplant surgeons delivering spectacular results for high profile clients; and then every man and his dog wants a transplant, whether he needs it or not. Despite my personal rollercoaster journey and final success with HT surgery, I always say that surgery should be a last resort.

Take one look at Robbie Williams and you’ll see a pretty decent ‘thatch’ as he calls it. He’s the first to admit that he “didn’t need it” but could see that his situation could be improved. Even guys who are in the earliest stages of hair loss are ushered through the door of countless practices the world over, with the promise of regaining their ‘manliness’. Williams says he did it out of boredom when he was on a three-month work break. Given the discomfort and even pain involved in the procedure, I reckon vanity had a whole lot more to do with it, but you can’t blame a man for wanting to look his best.

With celebrity endorsements like that, you’ve got every regular guy making a beeline for any old ‘surgery’ in his town. Not only that, but in response to the hordes of dudes lining up to part with their money, new clinics spring up to meet the demand.

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Clinics pop up all the time claiming to be the best of the best, yet the reality of the situation is they are not and are very new to the industry. They really do just want to make a quick buck with the spare room they’ve got. Shocking hey, but believe me people fall for it and don’t do the proper research, especially now given the prevalence of social media and the targeted advertising attached to it.

Again, research is key! You should give The Bald Truth Radio show a go. They’re honest, unbiased and have a wealth of experience. This is a weekly show where you can share your concerns and anxiety surrounding hair loss in good company. The Bald Truth show hosted by Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman who tell it how it is. It’s all about the truth!

Try this: Questions to Ask a Hair Transplant Doctor

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Questions To Ask Yourself

Remember to calm down – just because Robbie and Co. are getting their ‘hair done’, doesn’t mean hair restoration is right for you.

You might think yourself a bright, intelligent fellow, but in the hands of these slick tricksters, you could be relieved of a very pretty penny indeed… and even thank them for it.

  • Do you really need hair transplant surgery? Who have you consulted? Have you genuinely listened? Is your ego sucking the marrow out of your common sense? Are you just being sold to by over-enthusiastic, scalpel-wielding amateurs?
  • What evidence are they offering? Don’t believe everything they feed you, ever. Question it! I’ve seen supposedly ‘leading’ clinics parading the heads of clients belonging to other, legitimate practices, claiming it’s their very own work. You need to investigate their reputation beyond what they put in front of you. Recently, I saw a random clinic was using my picture to promote their service!
  • Can you ‘afford’ surgery from these guys? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Are they desperate to win your business? The old, “we just had a cancellation and can get you in Friday of next week,” line is irresistible and they know it.

“Lemme take a selfie!”

Social media has made us all more obsessed with our looks than ever before and TV shows like Love Island don’t help either. Aside from biceps and pecs, the perfect head of hair is the Holy Grail for guys. As such, the hair loss industry has become a huge, hungry monster – ready to swallow up anyone with even a slight follicular deficiency and vulnerability.

Clearing The Fog

When smoke and mirrors aren’t enough to get a punter over the line, the clinics add fog. Metaphor aside, in real terms that means that if they don’t get you with their testimonials, before-and-after photos and fancy premises, they’ll add a new layer of schmooze with unmissable deals and promises of a perfect outcome. Many clinics also attack highly regarded competitor clinics with fake Google reviews, as well as fake forum postings – simply to muddy the waters.

How Much Research Should You Do?

I would say give yourself plenty of time to conduct your own research. See a minimum of 3 doctors and visit a few hair transplant surgery clinics to talk to the practitioners. Watch a surgery too.

When you find a clinic you’re happy with, go deeper and seek out any legitimate information on dodgy dealings, poor results or dissatisfied clients. Look online to find any positive or negative chatter about the company and if you find it, establish if it’s actually legitimate. Truly, if you think you’ll have it all sewn up in three months, think again. Plan to allow a full year to do your research and due diligence. Spend time on good honest hair loss forums such as and

Give yourself a cooling off period. Being impulsive is not going to end well. Above all, meet several patients and gain their insight. They’ve walked the road before you; and will have the stories and information you never thought you needed. Communication is key!


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