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How To Fix A Patchy Beard | Budget Hack!

A patchy beard can be a frustrating thing, especially if you long for a thick and full face of hair. Read on to find some helpful advice on how to deal with this uneven growth.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be blessed with a full and luscious beard. It’s generally down to genetics when it comes to the thickness of your facial hair and therefore not something that can be easily altered.

Fear not, you are not alone and Man For Himself is here to give you some handy tips.

We all have those friends that can shave their face and within 48 hours have achieved the look of Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal. For many of us – including Keanu Reeves – this is not the case and when our facial hair grows, you look in the mirror to witness patches of skin with no hair at all. One of the main points to remember is that you are by no means less of man for having a patchy beard and no one can grow the perfect amount of facial hair.


Fix Your Patchy Beard | Video

There are various theories on how to deal with a patchy beard. Some say one of the easiest ways to cover up the areas with no hair, is to grow it out and groom the hair in a way to disguise it.

Not all of us want to (or are even able to) grow our hair that long though and so we have found a really simple and inexpensive hack to cover it up.

Fill It In!

Man For Himself has discovered a few products which we believe are the best in the business for drawing on those illusive hairs. It takes no time at all to take a brow powder to touch up your face and fill in the gaps. It’s cheap and it’s quick!

Opt for a brow powder as you can smudge the colour and make it look natural. Avoid gels and liners!

Our personal favourite is the SSANAI Eyebrow Maker. Yes, this might be described as an ‘eyebrow definer’ but as the hair on your chin is extremely similar to hair framing your eyes, it is the perfect tool to colour in and tone the patchy areas within your short beard. The applicator enables you to dab the powder into your beard and apply as much as you need. It will last on your skin for hours and won’t flake.

SSANAI-patchy-beard-man-for-himselfClick here to buy SSANAI Eyebrow Maker



Other products Man For Himself recommends:

  1. MAC CosmeticsShape + Shade Brow Tint – Spiked
  2. RevlonColourstay Eyeliner – Black/Brown
  3. Fashion FairBrush On Brow – Tender Topaz

Alternative solutions for a patchy beard

  • Grow it long – as we mentioned, if it is possible you can fully grow out the beard and then groom the hair to cover any sparse patches


  • Keep it short – set your clippers, or ask your barber to cut your hair at a grade two. This will then be short enough for hairless areas to appear less patchy.


  • Skincare – keep your skin moisturised. It won’t help the hair to grow but if your skin is dry, the skin will appear patchier. If you use a quality exfoliator, it should remove any unwelcome dead skin cells which will leave room and stimulate hair growth.


  • Embrace the patches – if Keanu Reeves can still look great with a patchy beard, so can you!


  • Balanced diet – keeping healthy is just as important when it comes to your hair as it needs nourishment to grow. Biotin, a vitamin needed for metabolic processes, can be found in hair loss supplements but can also be found in eggs, bananas, milk and avocados. Niacin is another vitamin necessary for hair growth is found in white meta, beef and mushrooms.


  • Extreme measures – hair implants are available but this a drastic and expensive option. Speak to a doctor or specialist before considering this.