The blazer is the perfect option for men’s Christmas party wear. Here I’ve handpicked the brightest and boldest statement blazers for this season.

We men tend to play it safe, whilst we let women have all the fun with colour, patterns and texture. Christmas is, however, the time of year when we should all be embracing our own personal sense of style.

With party wear, it’s the opportunity to have some fun with our style choices and really push the boundaries to the max.

Although they make a bold statement, styling a blazer requires little to no effort. Honestly. Worn over a shirt, roll neck or knit, they’re the perfect blend of function and fashion. Adding  colour, pattern and texture will take your outfit to a whole new level.

If nothing else, it will be a talking point…

My top 6 statement blazers




Zara Silver Flecks


ASOS Baroque


Zara Red Sequins


Zara Black Sequins


Zara Jacquard

  1. ASOS Gold Blazer
  2. Zara Silver Flecks Blazer
  3. ASOS Baroque Blazer
  4. Zara Red Sequins Blazer
  5. Zara Black Sequins Blazer
  6. Zara Baroque Blazer


Party wear pairings

It can be hard to know what to wear with a statement blazer. Yes, the look should be daring, but it shouldn’t be garish.

Let the blazer do the talking and keep everything else simple and paired back.

Wear with a black roll neck or white shirt for a sophisticated look. Keep the trousers simple too. Avoid light denim and go for a pair of fitted black suit trousers.


Party wear blazers

More options for you to choose from…