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Patchy Beard Solution | Quick Hack!

This is a quick and easy hack to help make a patchy beard look full and thick, within seconds! It couldn’t be more simple.

Not all of us are blessed with even, thick, hair growth. So, sometimes we need to take measures into our own hands and find simple ways to camouflage the fact we can’t grow a luscious full beard.

There are extreme methods, like permanent tattoos and hair implants, but this simple hack is much less painful and a lot cheaper!


If you have a patchy beard, a lot of you will probably simply keep a clean or very close shave to mask the lack of hair. This is definitely an option but for those of you who want to try and grow a beard, Toppik Building Fibres are brilliant for filling in the empty spaces.

This product has been tried and tested at MFH HQ, and we can confirm it’s a great product. It has been formulated to be used in the hair on your head, but it can also be used on your face.

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How Do They Work?

Hair building fibres are made from keratin which is a protein found in our hair. Toppik uses a natural fibre in their products and this is nearly identical to human hair. This makes them almost unidentifiable on the skin.

Each individual fibre has a static charge which creates a magnetic effect and attaches themselves to other hairs on the top of your head, or on your face. The more you apply, the more fibres build up and bind to the hairs.

Toppik have a variety of colours available (9 to be precise), so whether you are very blonde or very dark, there will be a suitable hair fibre for you. They also work with any type of hair – thick or thin.

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How To Apply Hair Building Fibres

The Toppik Building Fibres are so easy to apply.

Use their Spray Applicator to precisely ‘puff’ the fibres onto the skin. Don’t go overboard with the application, as you want it to look as natural as possible.

You can use the Hairline Optimizer as a helpful guideline along your hairline.

Once you have sprayed them on, you can use your fingers to blend the fibres in, if needed. They won’t rub off on your clothes and won’t run down your face in the rain!