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The 3 Essential Steps To Every Men’s Hairstyle

Follow these three simple steps to create the perfect hairstyle… every time!

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3 Steps For Styling Your Hair

There are three main steps when styling your hair:

  1. Pre-styling – this creates the foundation of your hairstyle;
  2. Styling – this is you can begin to create shape, texture and definition. 
  3. Fixing, or finishing – this really is how the hair is finally going to look. Is it fixing with a bit of hairspray, so it’s not going to move? Is it finishing, maybe with a little bit of shine spray? You choose! 

Aside from these steps, we also think of treatments. This would include oils or leave-in conditioners. These are the treatments that are going to help repair or change the state of the hair. These are not necessarily for styling but serve the long-term purpose of keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

We also have shampoos and conditioners, which serve as cleansers. They wash out dirt, oil, and residue from hair products. 

This hair product guide will focus on five main areas: 

  • Pre-styling
  • Styling
  • Fixing/Finishing
  • Treatments
  • Shampoos and Conditioners

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1. Pre-Styling

There are loads of different types of pre-styling products, so it can be a little overwhelming. This is the step where you can tackle any issues or problems you have with your hair. It gets your hair set and ready for styling. 

Pre-styling products can: 

A pre-styling product can be added to towel-dried or dry hair. From there, you will generally use a hairdryer to activate the product. You could stop here, or you could move onto a styling product.

2. Styling

Once you’ve finished the pre-styling, you can move to use a styling product.

There are loads of different products out there including wax, paste, pomade, putty, clay and powder

  • Wax – High shine | Mid to high hold.
  • Paste – Natura finish | Mid to high hold.
  • Clay – Matte finish | Mid to high hold.
  • Pomade – High shine | Mid to high hold.
  • Putty – Natural finish | Light to high hold.
  • Clay – Matte finish | Mid to high hold.
  • Powder – Matte finish | Light hold.

3. Fixing and Finishing

Fixing and/or finishing is the third and final step in hair styling.

For fixing, you’re looking to smooth out any flyaways and ensure the hair is sitting as you’d like it. The easiest way to do this is to take just a little bit more of your styling product and smooth it over the surface of the hair. You can also do this with hairspray. Spray the hairspray onto the palm of your hand and sweep over the surface. 

Finishing can be with something like a shine spray or hairspray. With hairspray, mist over the hair and don’t touch it! Let it dry naturally. This is the very final step!

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Check out all the articles in this series here.

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