If it’s good enough for Justin, Bruno and David, it’s good enough for me! 

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The pompadour is back and it’s one of the hottest men’s hair trends for this year.

The original pompadour dates back to Madamme de Pompadour (King Louis XV’s mistress) in the 18th Cenury and then saw a resurrection in the 1950s, championed by such dudes as Elvis Presley and James Dean. Since then, the hairstyle has remained a firm favourite with gents seeking a classic hairstyle that is both super-slick and totally timeless.

Working with the current trend of a clippered back and sides, with the top left long, the classic pompadour has been given a 2014 overhaul.

Check out my how to for simple steps to achieve the look. For a more dramatic effect, grow your hair out longer on top.

You will need:

  1. A pomade. I use Black and White Pluko Hairdressing Pomade
  2. Comb