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3 Aluminium-Free Deodorants We Love

Three aluminium-free deodorants that we love.

As men, deodorant is a necessity. It keeps body odour at bay, which in turn, saves you from the embarrassment of pit stains.

We have tried countless deodorants over the years in search of the best ones and my journey has led us to these three – all aluminium-free.

We have one that’s best for your budget; one that’s travel-friendly or something you can even take to the gym; and another one that is best for sustainability or in terms of refills.


Budget: Mitchum Natural Power Bamboo Powder

Mitchum has a fantastic track record when it comes to keeping sweat and odour at bay. Their newest line are formulated with 96% natural ingredients, whereas older variants contained aluminium.

This specific variation uses bamboo powder to ensure long-lasting protection and really holds up its end of the bargain – not to mention, at a bargain price. For £3, you can get two sticks. It can’t get any better than that.


Travel: L’Occitane Shea Butter

If you’re looking for a deodorant that’s compact and can take you anywhere you go, L’Occitane has you covered. Not only do they have outstanding bath oils and bath creams, but they have put out an amazing deodorant as well.

This deodorant is made with shea butter, contains 6% shea butter oil, and is free from aluminium salt and alcohol.

It’s also not in the typical stick form. It’s a paste that you can apply to your underarms, and maybe even your feet if they get really sweaty. All you need to do is scoop a little bit of product out, transfer it to a travel jar that you can place in your hand luggage, and you’re all set for your next holiday!

Plus, for a premium product, it’s at a reasonable price of £15 for 15 grams, so make this a travel necessity.


Refills: Wild by Nature Deodorant Refills

In terms of deodorant refills, no one does it better than the brand Wild. Full disclosure: MFH worked with them back in 2020, but – two years on – they really  do deserve their place on this list!

You get a recyclable case for £10 and their refills come in sets with quantities of three for £6 a piece. They offer an array of scents like fresh cotton & sea salt and sandalwood & patchouli, among others. Look out for their seasonal releases as well – they put out a pumpkin-scented one during the previous Halloween and it smelled amazing! This is definitely worth the purchase if you’re looking for something cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.