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Stop Storing Your Fragrance In Your Bathroom!

Increasing your favourite fragrance’s longevity is easy! Just follow these four tips.

Preserving a fragrance‘s shelf life is the key to maintaining the effectiveness of your product. All fragrances have an expiration time, but proper storage and handling can help slow down the process and keep those fragrances smelling at their best for longer. So if you want to ensure the longevity of your perfumes, here are some tips on how to properly store them.


1. Store in a cool, dry place

Light exposure can cause your fragrances to deteriorate fast so it’s best to store them in places that are away from direct sunlight. When subjected to light and heat for too long, the formulation of perfumes tend to change, which then causes it too darken in colour.

Avoid leaving your perfumes in your bathroom as well, as the constant fluctuation in temperature can massively affect the composition of the product. Your best option is to store them away in a dresser drawer, where light doesn’t reach, or in a corner of your bedroom. Remember: the darker the location, the better.

It’s also advisable to keep the original boxes of your perfumes and put them back inside after using. These act as an extra layer of protection from harmful UV rays, heat, and other factors that can alter the product’s formulation.


2. Minimize oxygen exposure

Oxygen can decrease the longevity of your perfume, the same way a sliced apple would turn brown because of it. To protect fragrances from too much oxygen exposure, remember to put the cap back on the bottle every after use. Don’t take it off if you don’t plan on using it as oxidation will occur.

If the cap goes missing, secure your bottle with a similar cover that closes tightly or wrap the nozzle with plastic wrap to keep it from evaporating.


3. Don’t shake your bottles

Shaking a bottle of perfume before use is something you don’t want to get used to. Unless specified by the manufacturer to shake before using, you’re better off just spritzing it directly onto your skin without that additional step. Shaking the bottle incorporates air into the scent and can accelerate breakdown and evaporation. Too much air also means pressure builds up inside, which may cause the bottle to break.


4. Use a travel container

If you find yourself going on holidays often and want to still smell great, then take travel size bottles with you. A lot of brands now offer travel containers of their most popular fragrances so you can bring them anywhere you go. If your favourite scent isn’t available in travel size bottles, then buy an empty container and pour some in. This keeps the original perfume safe at home and you’ll only be bringing the amount you need.