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It's Time To Treat Yourself

We’re at the end of the month and it’s time to get those wallets out and spend some well-earned cash! Man For Himself has picked out a few bits and pieces as part of the Payday Pickups series.

The next round of Payday Pickups is here and Man For Himself has some great ideas for you in fashion, grooming and lifestyle.

Spring is well on its way and its the perfect time to add a few things to your wardrobe; and a little bit of pampering as the new season arrives.

There are a couple of new releases, as well as some highly recommended Man For Himself favourites.

Take a look below and treat yourself to something!

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Hackett – HKT

British brand Hackett, have recently launched their new collection in their diffusion line HKT. As the brand states, HKT is; “a new range with a sense of adventure and British charm…the collection has a sense of ease and wearability.

This new line has been designed for a more ‘urban‘ customer, as much of their classic collections are associated with and inspired by life in the countryside.

You can expect the typical Hackett items such as polo and rugby shirts, as well as striped shirts and chinos. The collection is pretty sizeable with outerwear, denim, sweatshirts, bags and belts.

The items are available in soft Spring hues of ‘light yellow’, ‘slate’, ‘washed red’ and classic navy. Stand out pieces include the Casual jacket, Detail duffle bag and Cotton crew neck sweaters. This is an extremely wearable collection and great for picking out pieces for your staple casual wardrobe to take you into Summer.

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asos-polo-shirts-payday-pickups-man-for-himself ASOS

Polo Shirts

The classic polo shirt is having a bit of a revival this season. The original design is a short sleeve shirt made out of pique (a type of weave) cotton, with a placket (a type of opening) neckline, a soft collar and two or three buttons.

Tennis champion, Rene Lacoste, was actually the first person to design the shirt as an alternative to the uncomfortable sportswear at the time. Due to his nickname given to him by the press, the famous tennis player had a crocodile emblem stitched onto the left breast of his shirts. It then followed with his creation of the Lacoste brand, after he retired.

You would be right to associate the shirt with golfing and polo, as they typically worn due to the breathability of the fabric. Don’t be put off by this though as they are extremely versatile and look great as standard casual wear. Many luxury designers have added polo shirts to their collections such as Prada, Gucci and Givenchy.

A polo shirt is perfect for this time of year. It can be worn on its own over denim, or worn under a jacket or cotton sweater during the cooler days.

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lisa-franklin-payday-pickups-man-for-himself Lisa Franklin


Lisa Franklin

We all deserve a bit of pampering now and again and there is no better feeling than a facial to refresh the skin. Man For Himself is a huge admirer and a frequent visitor of Lisa Franklin.

Her private boutique on Sloane Street is the perfect place to lie back, relax and let Lisa’s healing hands do wonders to your skin. Since visiting the clinic, Man For Himself has seen dramatic changes in his skin and this is down to the tailored treatments.

If you live in the city, you know how much dirt can built up on our skin, particularly due to pollution we are exposed to on our daily commutes. Of course, diet and lifestyle also have an effect.

Recently, Man For Himself tried the EVA Facial Treatment. This is a form of endosphere therapy where technology is used alongside Lisa Franklin’s own products to totally rejuvenate the face. This treatment consists of three phases and after leaving the clinic completely glowing, Man For Himself can guarantee it is worth every penny.

It is also worth trying her own products, Pro-Effect For Men, which have been particularly formulated for us guys. There are currently three products available in the series; Pollution Defence Cream, Gel Wash and a Refining Scrub. All of which help control oil production and improve hydration in the skin.

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Bulldog Skincare Sheet Mask

This is an innovative new product from British grooming brand Bulldog Skincare, which Man For Himself has reviewed on his YouTube channel recently.

The Energising Sheet Mask definitely worthy as Payday Pickup, as not only does it do what it says on the tin, but it is eco-friendly as well.

The liquid ‘hydrator’ comes separately to the 8 dehydrated sheet masks provided. All you have to do is soak the mask (made from unbleached bamboo) in the recyclable pot and pop it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.

A further clever design is the perforated section at the bottom which can be removed for any of you guys who have a full beard.

The hydrator contains natural ingredients such as maize, rice and algae which are perfect for providing moisture to the skin and reducing any inflammation. Having tried and tested the product, Man For Himself can confirm his skin felt revived and refreshed.

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Evo Hair

This isn’t a new release but definitely brand that Man For Himself thinks more people need to know about. One of Evo‘s hair products was recently tested out in the new Budget Battle feature.

Evo is an innovative beauty/grooming company that strive to create professional quality products but without unnessary ingredients. This is an eco-conscious brand where you won’t find any parabens, sulphates, dea, tea or propylene glycol in the ingredients. There is no fuss here, just luxurious products that work.

The collection of products includes shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair, as well as sprays, mousses, clays and creams. Watch the video below to see how Man For Himself uses the Macgyver mousse.

You need some of these products in your grooming arsenal!

Evo favourite: Macgyver Mousse Instagram: @penhaligons_london


Penhaligon’s Portraits – Flora and Matthew

Penhaligon’s are gradually putting together quite a collection for their Portraits series. There were twelve in the series, until recently, after the launch of two new ‘cousins’; Flora and Matthew.

The bottles themselves are impressive, with each fragrance displayed in a colourful hue with a large metallic animal’s head as the stopper. Each fragrance represents a curious aristocratic character with a nod to British heritage. They all have unusual names like Blazing Mister Sam and Much Ado About The Duke.

Flora is a lighter fragrance in the collection with citrus top notes. Once sprayed it gradually reveals a slightly musk scent with base notes of ambroxan.

Matthew is a fresh and lively scent due to the head notes of mandarin. The patchouli base notes give it an added rich and darker side.

Penhaligon’s encourage you to try each of the Portrait scents as each one is unique and will suit individual personal traits.


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Penhaligons Portraits

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The Renaissance Nude at the Royal Academy of Arts

For something a little different at the weekend, and a dose of culture, why not head to the RA in London to see the new Renaissance Nude exhibition.

This would be a fun ticket for a cheeky daytime date, or just an opportunity for yourself to find some time to enjoy some renaissance art. We all need a bit of historical education and inspiration every now and then and this already highly rated exhibition offers plenty; with classic works from Michelangelo, Titian and Lucas Cranach.

The main theme revolves about the idealisation of the human form of the Greeks and the obsession with bodily proportions and natural beauty in Europe, between the 14th and 17th century. Expect breathtaking, full-scale paintings as well as bronze statuettes, sketches and intimate illustrations.

The exhibition started on 2nd March and will be running until 3rd June. Tickets are £14.


  • Luke Vore says:

    Hey I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and I just wanted to say that the work you put in your videos and on this website truly shows. The videos are beautifully shot and go into great detail and you’re so genuine too and all the links are super helpful. As for the website, this is one of the most polished websites I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s super clean and has all the products you talk about on it too which is really cool especially how it’s constantly updated. Just thought I’d let you know that your hard work does not go unnoticed and that I applaud you for it. Keep it up, you’re an inspiration.