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Hot Or Cold Water? How To Wash Your Hair

Should you be washing your hair with hot or cold water?

There’s advantages and disadvantage to washing your hair with hot or cold water; but is one temperature better than the other; and is there a perfect routine?

Washing your hair with HOT water


Hot water rinses oil and dirt

Hot water is the best temperature for washing hair which contains a lot of dirt, oil or product build-up. The heat from the water opens the hair cuticle open, allowing shampoo to more deeply clean.

Hot water dissolves hair products

Heat speeds up the rate that cleansers can dissolve product residue. This allows you to more effectively clean your hair before applying new product. .

Hot water can make your hair overly porous

Hot water can dehydrate the scalp, resulting in reduced moisture in the hair. It can also dry your hair as it strips it of its natural oils – making it vulnerable to breakage.

Hot water causes frizz

Every type of hair hair needs moisture to stay frizz free. As hot water strips the hair of natural oils, moisture escapes the hair shaft and can leave your hair frizzy.

Washing your hair with COLD water


Cold water makes your scalp cleaner

Cold water shuts the hair cuticle and also closes your pores.

By rinsing your hair with cold water, you protect the scalp pores from things like dirt, grease and oil. Also, if your pores are sealed, then you are also much less likely to suffer from hair fall.

Cold water makes your hair shinier

Cold water will close the hair cuticle, resulting in a smoother, glossier surface.

This is exactly the same as using cold air from a hair dryer to reduce frizz and add shine.

Cold water seals the moisture in your hair

On closing the hair cuticle, cold water also seals in moisture.

Whereas hot water can remove the moisture from your hair, cold water retains the moisture and the hair’s natural sebum.

Cold water improves the blood circulation to your scalp

When you’re cold, your blood moves faster and your capillaries widen to warm you up.

Blood will rush to the scalp and hair roots, giving them all the valuable nutrients they need to stay healthy.

It should also be noted that poor blood circulation can contribute to causing hair loss!

 Cold water can be uncomfortable

Showering in a cold shower is not pleasant, especially in winter.

Cold water can reduce the volume of your hair

Cold water can make your hair look less dense and reduce its volume.

This could be a concern for guys who have naturally thin hair.

Hot or cold water: The perfect hair washing routine?

I’d always recommend using warm water (not hot water) to wash and condition your hair. Slightly cooler water (not scorching hot) will limit the amount of damage you could potentially do your hair, but also allow you to cleanse the hair of product build-up.

Use cold water for your final rinse in order to seal and protect the hair. Choose a temperature that you feel comfortable in!