Scott Eastwood: Crew Cut With Texture

Actor Scott Eastwood effortlessly infuses his classic crew cut with a generous dose of Hollywood flair and effortless sex appeal.
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Why We Love It:

The classic crew cut is a hairstyle it’s hard to go wrong with – and it looks so very right on Scott Eastwood.

If the intense gaze and bone structure looks familiar – Scott is the son of movie icon Clint Eastwood.

crew cut is the perfect choice if you’ve got an action-packed lifestyle because it takes minimal effort.

You just need to be prepared to get it cut every 4 weeks or so if you want to keep it looking fresh.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For this short cut, the hair is slightly longer on the top of the head, and is graduated subtly down from the crown to the ears.
  • If you want to make this more on-trend, you can ask for a fade.
  • It’s best to discuss with your barber what would suit you best.

Get The Look

  • Time-poor? You can just wash and go.
  • Or, like Scott, you can add a little product to highlight the texture.
  • Use a small amount of pomade, wax or putty and warm it between your fingers first.
  • Then apply to dry hair with your fingers and tousle it a little.
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