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Do We Still Need LGBTQ+ Pride Events in 2017?

Surely we've come far enough to not need LGBTQ+ pride events in 2017?

Do we really need LGBTQ+ pride events in 2017?

The issue of LGBTQ+ pride events is something that’s been weighing pretty heavily on my mind recently. It’s something that I was – until recently – staunchly against.

You could read this article, but I’d recommend pressing play on the video below. Just me, a flat white, my camera and my opinion on LGBTQ+ pride.

See all the comments on this video (they’re pretty divisive) here

My experience of LGBTQ+ pride

I didn’t believe in pride events. I felt like it was drawing attention to something that didn’t need to be discussed. I was (and am) happy in myself. That said, I really didn’t appreciate how lucky I was – living comfortably and openly in a very accepting society.

I equated pride events with a side of gay culture that I didn’t – and still don’t – really associate with: topless guys covered in glitter, using the day as an excuse to go absolutely wild.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of gay hating gay, I just didn’t get it and I felt like I didn’t quite belong.

LGBTQ+ pride in 2017

Fast forward to 2017 and I now feel completely differently.

2017 has been a pretty rough ride for the Western world. The champagne swirling, hair flicking bubble that I lived in has popped. This year, I’ve been so aware of the divides in our world – the terrorist attacks on innocent children and religious groups; and the continued persecution of LGBTQ+ people.

It could be an age thing. I’ll be 30 this week and I now feel like a real adult – like what I do and say can have an impact on the people around me. Everything has been reframed. The events of this year have really highlighted that we – the human race – are divided.

I truly believe that we should do all we can to understand other people’s motives, emotions and reasons for acting in the way they do.

Pride events are really just one way to celebrate diversity in the world.

We all have a part to play

I saw a tweet the other day that really got to me.

It said, “Why do we still celebrate pride? We still celebrate Pride because others aren’t allowed to.” 

This is it all over. We all have a part to play in this.

You don’t have to go marching or protesting. You also don’t have to agree with or understand everything that someone does. But you should try and understand who they are, on a human level.

Remember who you are, your moral compass and what shapes you. Then take a look at someone else and do the same.

Strip it all away and we are the same flesh and bones. We’re all looking to exist and live in a way that fulfils and satisfies our innate needs as humans.

Pride is an opportunity for all of us to come together. To say that we support each other and that we believe in equal rights an opportunities. In the grand scheme of things, it’s one tiny gesture, but together it shows that we care and want a more inclusive world.

So, do we really need pride events in 2017? Yes, we really do.