I was late arriving to the gin party, but now I’m not leaving. Pass me the Heather Rose!

I had long turned my nose up to gin, deeming it the cause of all ill-fated teenage nights out and the ‘worst hangover of my life’. But now slightly older (and a little wiser), I have realised that gin is not the enemy and very much a friend.

Exploring unchartered (well, by me) gin territory, I’ve started to get pretty adventurous. My exploration has taken me to a new land. A land of unique colours, scents and flavours.

heather-rose-gin_Strathearn-distilleryMy most recent gin discovery is the Heather Rose Gin by the Perthshire based Strathearn Distillery – Scotland’s smallest distillery! I first had the pleasure of trying the gin while at home in the north east of Scotland. Taking an afternoon trip to Logie Steading, I was surprised – and very excited – to find a well-stocked bottle shop. Working my way around the shop, it was then that I clocked the Heather Rose.

Golden in colour (reflecting the heather hillsides of Scotland), Heather Rose Gin is a distinct move away from traditional dry gins. Served neat over ice, the gin has a fresh and fruity scent with a spicy kick. With the addition of a tonic, the colour changes to a light pink, much like a rosé champagne. It’s at this point that you are met with a light Rose scent and a refreshingly sweet flavour.

Not a gin to be found in your local Tesco, I had been searching for this delight for some time. Luckily I found it on a recent trip to Fortnum & Mason. This gin is now a definite favourite of mine and sits pride of place at the centre of my drink’s cabinet/on top of my fridge!

At £21 for a 35cl bottle, it’s certainly not a £10 bottle of Gordon’s, but I think it’s worth every penny. You must try this!


Want to give it a go? Pop ‘Heather Rose Gin’ into your Google machine to find where you can pick up this treat; or find it online at Fortnum & Mason.