I’ve long suffered with oily skin but have found these four products to dramatically reduce the shine and the grease on my face.

Oily skin is a common problem, especially for younger guys. There are, however, things that you can use to help combat the grease and shine associated with the issue.

My favourite products for oily skin


L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Black Charcoal Wash

Price: This product is really very cheap. It’s available from £3 – £5 for 150ml. Check Amazon or your local pharmacy.

What it does: This face wash targets 5 imperfections on the skin: spots, blackheads, oily skin, roughness and marks.

Like clay, charcoal is a purifying agent and will help to clean your pores and freshen your face.

How often to use: I use this product most mornings. You can use this product every day.

Top tip: You can use this product as a face mask by leaving it on your skin for 5-10 minutes.

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Baxter of California Clay Mask

Price: Slightly more expensive at £18 for 120ml from Amazon. It is, however, a great investment.

What it does:  This is a purifying facial mask that deeply cleanses, clarifies, soothes and moisturises your skin.

Clay is ideal for oily skin as it removes the impurities in skin.

How often to use: I use this product once a week. Perfect for a Sunday night before the start to a new working week.

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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Price: A 200ml bottle retails for about £20. You do, however, get smaller travel bottles if you want to try it first.

What it does: This is – by far – my favourite cleanser. Marketed as a makeup remover, it literally dissolves the dirt off your face.

Use on dry skin to see the amazing results.

How often to use: I use this product every night as my evening cleanser. You can, however, use it twice daily.

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L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Moisturising Gel

Price: Shop around for this one. It’s available online for c. £7 for 50ml, but I have seen it in Superdrug for as little at £5.

What it does: This moisturiser mattifies the skin – taking away the shine whilst keeping your skin hydrated.

It has an anti-sebum complex (Sebum: oily secretion from your sebaceous glands) and will help to reduce the greasy appearance of oily skin.

How often to use: I use this product every morning after cleansing my face. I use a creamier moisturiser at night before bed.

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