Okay, so I’m not the hairiest of creatures but I certainly enjoy a good shave!

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Intended for men with thick and rapid facial hair growth, The Bluebeards Revenge brand prides itself on its no nonsense, no fluff (quite literally) take on male grooming.

I put their Shaving Solution and Cooling Moisturiser to the test in my video review.

The verdict

The thick, foamy lather of the Shaving Solution gives you a close and clean shave. Despite cutting myself in my review (silly boy!), I’ve had absolutely no trouble with the product. The solution provides the perfect prep for your razor – reducing friction and allowing an easy glide. I’ve also been using the solution with my electric shaver and its been an absolute dream.

The Cooling Moisturiser is the ideal companion to the solution. Thick and creamy, a little goes a long way. Perfect for any little shaving nicks, or dry skin on your neck, I’ve found that this product has reduced redness and my morning fear of shaving!

I’ve also been using the Cooling Moisturiser before I go to bed at night. Suffering with combination skin, the moisturiser has worked well on my dry cheeks and neck. In the morning, my skin feels nourished and ready for the day ahead.

So, are these the products for you? If you’re looking to mix up your morning routine and try a new product brand, I’d definitely recommend The Bluebeards Revenge. I’ve loved using these products and really admire the brand’s unique proposition to male grooming – masculine, functional and fantastic value.


Both products are sold in 100ml bottles and are each priced at £9.99. Find the Shaving Solution here and the Cooling Moisturiser here.