Take your shaving routine to a whole new level with the HOMMAGE shave kit. 

HOMMAGE have been around for just over a decade, designing products and experiences for men who take the upmost pride in their grooming regime.

The brand recognises the need to deliver a set of products with impeccable quality, so spend much of their resource in product and ingredient research.

Their latest offering, The Premium Shave Kit contains 6 products. Designed to last for 2 months, it makes the ideal gift for friends or family; or – more likely – as a treat to yourself.

The standard in quality is immediately evident from the HOMMAGE packaging. With each item coming in its own matte black box, the products can be enjoyed either as a set or individually; and would also make a great addition to a travel it.

The HOMMAGE Premium Shave Kit can be bought for £97 and is also available for monthly subscription.



What The HOMMAGE Shave Kit Contains:

Pre-Shave Oil – ‘Prime’ 

The Prime luxury pre-shave oil is designed to soften the facial hair, readying the face for an even and close shave. The formula blends rare white truffle extract and silicone agents to tame even the coarsest of hair, guaranteeing to achieve a flawless perfectly close shave.


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The Manhattan Razor 

The scratch-resistant Manhattan razor combines style with function to give a clean, sharp shave.

Contained in its own leather pouch, the razor’s design takes inspiration from New York’s skyscrapers – tall, sleek and slender. The razor also comes with a set of 5 interchangeable Gillette blades, keeping you well topped up.


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Shave Cream – ‘Perform’ 

The HOMMAGE shave cream is pure luxury – allowing a close and even shave whilst delivering hydration direct to the skin.  Its unique formula coats each individual hair to reduce and minimise irritation during shaving.

Apply a small amount to the face to achieve smooth, soft skin. A little goes a long way!


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Shave Balm – ‘Soothe’

Soothe is – for me – the hero product of the range, providing instantly soothing hydration after shaving.

It also contains a gentle exfoliating agent to help to reveal a younger, healthier complexion. Made with the most sophisticated anti-irritants, this final indulgence leaves skin feeling calm, comforted and perfectly balanced.


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HOMMAGE really do go above and beyond to deliver a personal touch to shaving. It’s the little things that count and no detail with this shave kit has been left to chance.



The HOMMAGE Premium Shave Kit can be bought for £97 and is also available for monthly subscription.