My introductory guide to electric shaving in 4 simple steps.

There are several reasons why you may want to electric shave over the more traditional wet shave, but that said, it’s important that you get to know your own skin and what works for you. After all, shaving is a very personal experience.

Watch my video tutorial at the bottom of this article to see my 4 steps in action.

The Basics

Electric shavers lift the hairs off the face, so the blades don’t actually come into direct contact with the skin. As such, they can be the perfect solution for men with sensitive skin.

Electric shaving is also a quick, no hassle, super-simple alternative for guys – like me – who are always on the go and short of time in the morning.

There are two two types of electric shaver…

  • Rotary: Rotating blades follow the contours of the face. They are suited to men with harder stubble or that don’t shave everyday.
  • Foil: Thin layer of metal that covers the blade. A foil shaver is great for men with softer stubble and/or sensitive skin. Foil shavers also tend to give a closer, more comfortable shave.


Step 1 – Cleanse

Washing your face before shaving ensures that your skin is free of dirt and oil. Clean skin helps to prevent rashes, spots and soreness.

A clean face will also help to maintain your shaver and keep it in good condition.


Step 2 – Prepare – Wet or dry?

Many electric shavers can be used on wet or dry skin.

If you’re new to electric shaving, try a dry shave. Some wet products can irritate sensitive skin, so get to know what works for you.

If you do have a preferred shaving product, evenly distribute it across your face and neck.


Step 3 – Shave

 Use your free hand to stretch your skin, to allow hair to stand upright and ease your shave.

  • Rotary shaver – shave in circular motions around the face and neck.
  • Foil shaver – shave in vertical motions up and down the face and  neck.

Avoid pressing too hard on the skin or going over the same area more than once.

As with all electrical products, an electric shaver can heat up during use, so start shaving sensitive areas first.


Step 4 – Moisturise

After shaving use a post-shave balm or cream to relax and moisturise your face and neck.


In the first two to four weeks of using a new electric shaver, you may experience slight discomfort or irritation. 

Ride it out and let your skin get used to the new experience.