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Barry M are ready to play with the big boys… or are they? UK cosmetics company Barry M have just launched their new range of nail care and they’re targeting us men. Famed for...

Barry M are ready to play with the big boys… or are they?

UK cosmetics company Barry M have just launched their new range of nail care and they’re targeting us men.

Barry M's New Nail Care Range

Barry M’s Nail Care Range

Famed for products with names like Starlet, Catwalk Queen and Socialite, they don’t seem like the obvious brand to be dipping their well pedicured feet into the male grooming market.

Although their new Nail Care range isn’t purely for men, it’s a notable departure from Barry M’s super sweet, candy coated image:

“We know that male grooming is a growing industry and want to offer an affordable range that caters to both men and women on the High Street. The products contain high quality strengthening and conditioning ingredients and offer visible results.”

Barry M PR 

There are four products in the new Nail Care range:

  • Super Mani – 7-in-1 treatment (growth, strengthening, nourishing, shine, hydrating, smoothing, protecting)
  • Iron Mani – nail hardener
  • Mani Mask (nail colour) in Birthday Suit – camouflage, colour and condition
  • Mani Mask (nail colour) in Bashful – camouflage, colour and condition

In essence, they’ve launched two nail colours – beige and light pink – and two nail treatments.


Barry M New Nail Care Range - Review - Male Grooming - Man For Himself

Me and the Hulk get nail painting

My nails and hands are the last part of my body that get any of my attention. My nails have spray paint caked all over them after a massive DIY day and my hands are bruised and cut from a pole dancing injury over Christmas. Best not to ask. They’re also chipped, cracked and I tend to bite my nails when I’m stressed.

The review

I gave my hands the Super Mani 7-in-1 treatment followed by a top coat of Birthday Suit (beige) on my left hand and Bashful (pink) on my right hand.

After using the Super Mani my nails felt instantly stronger and – one week on – they still feel pretty good. Even just pressing on them, they feel less brittle and a lot smoother.


Barry M New Nail Care Range - Man For Himself - Review - Super Mani

Super Mani

I wanted to try each colour on a different hand. I was a little apprehensive to use the colour as I don’t want to look like I’m wearing nail varnish. But you actually can’t notice. My nails just look a little bit glossier and have a more even colouring.

Barry M New Nail Care Range - Review - Birthday Suit - Male Grooming - Man For Himself

Birthday Suit

The beige (Birthday Suit) colour is my favourite. It’s the most subtle and you really don’t notice the colour. The pinky colour (Bashful) is also pretty tame, but it does have more of a gloss to it and dos tend to catch the light.


Barry M New Nail Care Range - Bashful - Review - Male Grooming - Man For Himself


The verdict

I’m absolutely no expert in applying nail varnish, so it was a bit of a messy start and finish, but it was relatively easy to do.

One week on, my nails feel and look good – and it’s also stopped me from biting them. Biting into the varnish feels like sucking on a pice of cotton wool, so I really wouldn’t recommend it.

At £3.99 for a 10ml pot, the products are pretty cheap and worth the risk to try.

It is, however, obvious that Barry M are really just testing us guys and haven’t fully committed to the male grooming market.

Like I always say with hair products, no one sees the packaging when you’re wearing it, but I think a nod towards something more masculine would help with Barry M’s foray into the ‘new world’.

The packaging is still on the feminine side, from the white lid of the pots to the pastel colour of the liquids. They could definitely do with a bit of ‘butching up’ if they want to pull in the guys.

Loads of us would be happy to buy these as they are, but it always helps to have something a little more, “well, it’s in a matte black container and has ‘For Men’ written on it,” about the product.

Should you buy it?

Yeh, go wild. Grab a Super Mani 7-in-1 treatment and the beige (aka Birthday Suit) colour and get your mates round for a night of lads, lads, lads, beer and nail painting.


The Barry M Nail Care range is available from Boots and Superdrug stores now and priced at £3.99 for each product.