Rapper, songwriter and producer G-Eazy has a really distinctive hairstyle. It’s a super-cool 1930/40s slick back with a hard side parting. 

Often referred to as the James Dean of rap, his style is totally timeless and a firm favourite of mine.

In my video tutorial, I show you how to achieve his style using a pomade and a comb.

A pomade with a high gloss works perfectly for this look. Not only will it give you a great finish, but it will also allow you to mould the slick back with ease.

Key features of this style

  • Hard side parting. I’ve had a razor part put in to make the style more distinctive.
  • Hair combed away from the parting and straight back on itself.
  • Hair flat to the head, unlike the pompadour which relies on volume in the front.

How to

I’m using…



  1. Start with clean and towel dry hair.
  2. Warm a dime/10p size piece of pomade into your hands.
  3. Work the pomade through your hair – back to front – coating the underside of your hair.
  4. Add a little more pomade, warm again into your hands.
  5. Now push back under your hair, coating all the hair, root to tip.
  6. Add in your side parting by pulling the end of the comb from your crown at the back of your head to the front.
  7. Move the hair on either side of the parting away from it.
  8. Using the fine tooth side of the comb, comb your hair back and across – away from the side part.
  9. Use your free hand to smooth the hair down.
  10. Continue combing – back and to the side – until you are happy.
  11. Smooth the sides down and back using a little product on your hands.
  12. Done.