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Beard Styles for 2017/2018 | How To

It can be difficult to know how to style your beard. Fine you can grow it, but how should you be wearing it?

The beard trend is one which has had huge resurgence in recent years. But for 2017/2018, it’s less about the size of your beard and more about how you style it.

Dressing from the beard down is a lifestyle choice – committing to a style and a look that ultimately defines who you are and how you want the world to view you.

Each of the beard styles below can be created using the Braun MGK3080 Multi Grooming Kit – a brand new grooming tool to trim your facial hair to 13 precise length settings. Cutting anywhere between 0.5 and 21mm, you’ll be able to create perfectly tuned stubble with contoured edges all the way up to a full on beard.

beard styles for 2017 2018

Credit: Garçon Jon for Braun at London Fashion Week Men’s, January 2017

Quasi-Clean Shave

This look has just a hint of stubble and is ideal for men who have a sharp bone structure. It’s also the perfect options for guys that want to keep their face looking youthful.

This look really relies on you maintaining it. Expect to be trimming every morning.

How to create…

  1. Remove all guards from the beard trimmer.
  2. Using short strokes, trim your stubble right down.
  3. To frame your face, use the edge of the trimmer on your sideburn area.
  4. Maintain this look on a daily basis.

Top tip: Trimming against the way the hair grows will give an even closer shave.

Wear with…

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Painter’s Brush

Running the length of the mouth, the painter’s brush moustache is defined by a short length and rounded ends.

Not for the faint-hearted, this style makes a strong statement and brings a certain gravitas to men of all ages.

How to create…

  1. Grow your facial hair out to a medium stubble look.
  2. Whilst your moustache is growing, keep your cheeks, jawline and neck neat with your trimmers.
  3. Avoid trimming the moustache area until you have a good amount of growth (like the picture above). 
  4. After a couple of weeks, trim the moustache to an even length using your beard trimmer.
  5. Maintain this look by using the different lengths of clipper over your moustache; and the trimmer on the edges.

Top tip: You may be tempted to cut your moustache, but let it grow out first.

That said, never let the moustache hair grow over your lips.

Wear with…

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beard styles for 2017 2018

Credit: Garçon Jon for Braun at London Fashion Week Men’s, January 2017

Circle Beard

The Circle Beard combines a moustache and a rounded goatee to create its distinct round shape.

Whilst it can add length to a rounder face, it can also add weight if not properly maintained. Avoid heavier growth and trim regularly.

How to create…

  1. Shave your cheeks, chin and neckline using a razor or shaver.
  2. For the circle beard and moustache area, use your multi groomer to trim your facial hair to a length of around 3 to 5mm.
  3. The circle beard should finish where the chin ends and the neck begins. Anything before that line should be shaved off.
  4. Use your trimmer to shape all corners in to a rounded circle.
  5. Always keep the moustache hairs trimmed above your lip.

Circle Beard vs. Goatee: What’s the difference?

A Circle Beard connects the moustache and the chin.

A Goatee only really refers to the pointed chin beard. It’s never connected to a moustache.

Wear with…

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beard styles for 2017 2018

Credit: Garçon Jon for Braun at London Fashion Week Men’s, January 2017


The Kreuzberg beard takes its name from Kreuzberg in south Berlin – an area known for its young and diverse crowd.

This beard look perfectly combines relaxed and scruffy with contemporary and stylish.

A medium stubble look, it’s a great style for younger those looking to experiment with facial hair; or for guys wanting to add a bit of an edge to their aesthetic.

How to create…

  1. Grow your facial hair to an inch in length all over.
  2. Use your beard trimmer to take the length down to 3-5mm all over.
  3. Continue with the beard trimmer to blend out the beard line and keep the neck and upper cheeks clean.

Top tip: This style is a great stepping stone into The Bandholz beard.


Wear with…

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The Bandholz

The Bandholz beard style was popularised by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand.

It’s big, bushy and bold.

How to create…

Growing a Bandholz requires a lot of patience. For the first 4 months, it will look patchy and unkept!

Resist the urge to trim it until it’s ready to be sculpted.

  1. Grow your beard out to its natural maximum length.
  2. Once you’ve grown it as long as you can, use your beard trimmer on the longest length to shape the hair.
  3. The sides of your beard should never be shorter than the chin area, mirroring the proportions of your face.

Top tip: Shampoo and condition your beard and comb it daily to remove any tugs.

Experiment with beard oil to condition and add shine.


Wear with…

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To achieve your style…

Every good beard starts with a great piece of equipment. Why not try the Braun MGK3080?

Beard styling

Two fixed combs provide 13 precision length settings in 2mm steps to achieve a precise look.

The precision trimmer and contour edging attachments allow you to create clean edges and curves.

Hair clipping

The smart hair clipper comb provides precision and control for your haircut.

Body grooming

Safely and accurately maintain all areas of your body with the body grooming attachment.

Trim from your chest and abs, to your underarms and groin area.

You can also remove ear and nose hair where the interchangeable head.

The Braun Multi Grooming Kit is available from here

9 attachments:

  • Main trimmer
  • 4 combs
  • Detail trimmer
  • Body groomer
  • Ear & nose trimmer
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide® razor