This article and video has been specifically created for guys with curly hair.

I often hear from guys on YouTube that they find it hard to know what to ask for at the barbers. They often want something tight and sharp on the back and sides, but aren’t sure how this works with the natural bounce and body of the hair on top.

I was up in Glasgow last weekend, so thought I would check out what the city’s barbershops had to offer. Working with Lisa Hughes from Soul Barber Room in the west end of the city, she gave my friend Sonny a really great cut for his curly hair.

What to ask for: 

  • Clipper grade fade from 2 down into a 1 and then to a 0.5 on the back and sides.
  • Excess on sides buffed away with a clipper grade 4.
  • Top kept long for more volume and body.




  1. After washing Sonny’s hair, Lisa starts on a clipper grade 2 and works down. She moves down to a 1 and then to a 0.5.
  2. To blend from the 2 grade, she uses a higher guard (like a 4) to buff away the excess hair.
  3. She then goes back over with scissors.
  4. Using trimmers, Lisa is able to tidy up the cut around the hairline and around the ears.
  5. After the fade, Lisa starts scissor blending into the top. At this point, she doesn’t take too much off because the curly hair will bounce back in when it’s dry.
  6. Once happy with the cut, she cleans up the neck with an open razor. This keeps the whole look really sharp.
  7. She then dries the hair off.
  8. After drying the hair, Lisa continues to style the hair and tidy up the finished look.

You can see that by keeping the fade super tight, the top off the hair is able to be kept big and long, working with the natural curl of Sonny’s hair.



  1. She uses an authentic Bay Rum tonic which she imports from Jacksonville. This promotes good blood flow to the scalp and is great for hair and scalp health.
  2. Lisa uses an extreme gel to prep the hair and to boost Sonny’s natural volume.
  3. She dries it off using a hairdryer and a Be-Bop brush on the back and sides.
  4. She scrunch dries it on the top – lifting up and away from the head.
  5. To finish, Lisa uses a water soluble pomade. Working it in, she teases the big curls.

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  • Anthony says:

    Hey Robin, fantastic video as always. Just had 1 question. What is the length of the gentlemen’s hair in this video that I should ask for? My hair is currently very long on top, and I really like the amount he has in this but I didn’t hear the desired length to leave on top. Thanks!