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How To Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall is unavoidable but it’s not the end of the world. Check out these tips on how to prevent your hair from shedding.

Hair fall among men is a very common problem. It’s brought about by several factors like genetics, stress, or a poor diet.

It can be really distressing to see your hair slowly thin as you brush it after showering. You may even start wondering if the amount of hair you’re shedding is normal or if you’re too far gone to do anything about it.

But we’re here to remind you that all hope is not lost. There are an array of things you can do to curb your hair loss, natural or through treatments. So here are some easy ways to prevent hair loss and keep those locks looking full and healthy:


Consult a professional

It is crucial for men to check in with a board-certified dermatologist as soon as they notice a change. This will allow you to determine the options you have as far as treatments go and prevent hair loss from worsening. Be prepared to disclose your medical history, lifestyle, medications, and the like to your doctor in order to get the most accurate diagnosis.

Steer clear of overly hot showers

While hot showers are nice, your scalp is likely to dry out because of the water’s temperature. The hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils and can cause inflamed hair follicles, so it’s best to avoid it as much as you can.

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Maintain a healthy diet

A proper diet is one of the most important things you can do to ensure not only a long and productive life, but even healthy hair. Try incorporating more protein into your meals, like fish, lean meats and soy since it keeps hair fall under control and fosters hair growth.

Supplementing your diet with the appropriate vitamins can also be beneficial to maintaining healthy hair. Multivitamins that have Biotin in them aid in hair growth while vitamin A regulates the synthesis of retinoic acid in the hair follicles. Other supplements like vitamin B will help regulate your stress levels and vitamins C, D, and E all sustain the nutrients that your body needs.

Manage and minimise stress

Stress is a primary reason men shed so much hair and can definitely speed up the process. It brings about an autoimmune response where the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Not only that, hormones produced by our bodies when it is stressed hinders the hair growth cycle.

Sometimes, stress can be completely out of our control. But when there’s something that can be done, you should always try to mitigate whatever it is that’s troubling you. Try exercising, getting consistent sleep, or even just going out for a walk. These things can help in their own little way.


Find a hair loss treatment that works for you (and do it consistently!)

After speaking to a professional, weigh your options and determine what’s best for you. Go for a treatment you can personally keep up with because it all starts there. Treatments or medication when done or taken consistently will do you wonders, so if you want better results, do it as early as possible.

Some hair loss prevention options you might want to look into include Finasteride, Minoxidil, and DHT blocking shampoos. Finasteride is an FDA approved drug that decreases the amount of DHT in our bodies and aids in hair regrowth. Minoxidil, meanwhile, works by increasing blood flow and oxygen in our vessels, which in turn revitalises hair follicles. Lastly, a DHT blocking shampoo prevents DHT or the hormone causing follicles to thin from further penetrating it so it remains healthy.

There are a lot more treatments you can opt for, so do your research and don’t be afraid of asking your doctor for details!