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Cologne, EDT, EDP, Parfum: What's the Difference?

So, what’s a cologne, EDT, EDP or parfum?

Many often confuse the difference between perfumes, colognes, eau de toilettes, and other types of fragrances. This is because the distinction between these products is not always clear-cut.

Simply put, the concentration of perfume oils is what separates an eau de parfum from an eau fraiche. The higher the concentration percentage, the more expensive the fragrance is.

Knowing the difference will give you a better understanding of what kind of fragrance works for you, so here’s what you need to know about each one:


1. Eau Fraiche

An eau fraiche has the lowest fragrance concentration among all fragrances at only 1% to 3%. Its scent only lasts for less than an hour and is the cheapest among all options.

Eau fraiche scents contain mostly water, so you can definitely use it as a quick refresher and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

2. Cologne or Eau de Cologne

A cologne contains a very light concentration of 2% to 4%. Like eau fraiche fragrances, their scent typically only lasts for two hours. It’s not meant for long wear, so you might need to reapply it every couple of hours.


3. Eau de Toilette

The most popular type of fragrance, the eau de toilette, has a concentration level of 5% to 15% oil. Their scent can generally last for two to three hours. Its wear is lighter on the skin, which merits reapplication during the day. This is also why EDTs are perfect for daytime wear – the scent fades after a couple of hours and doesn’t last through the night.


4. Eau de Parfum

The eau de parfum has the next highest level of concentration at 15% to 20%. The scent clings onto the skin for about 5 to 8 hours, which is usually enough to last through most of the day. It’s an economical choice as it tends to cheaper than a perfume, but has a good amount of performance.


5. Parfum

Lastly, parfum has the highest concentration out of all fragrances at 20% to 30%. The scent is guaranteed to last the entire day and can easily be noticed by the people around you. 

Considering how potent the perfume oil is, it can come at a steep cost. However, you don’t need a lot whenever you apply. Just a couple of drops and you’re good to go!