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We all know that it can be hard to find the best haircut and style… so ask the barber!

Upload a video (or pictures) of your current hairstyle and the barber will advise you on what to go for; and how to ask for it.

If you’re looking for advice on what haircut to get; and the best products for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be sitting down with some of the best barbers around and showing them your videos. Looking at your current hairstyle; and hearing about any of your hair problems; we will then advise on the best solution for you.


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  • Paul205 says:

    Hi. Hope you can help me with what style to go for, what products to use and also how to stop tangly fine hair!! I have no idea what I’m doing!! 🙂

  • chasek14 says:

    I like having a longer on top /upper sides look that can be styled back or allowed to have pieces fall down. Bangs grow a little slower and are a bit dryer than the rest of my hair.

  • Yetisplash says:

    Looking for a healthy medium to long length hairstyle that looks textured and wavy and effortless. Please help. My hair is always so dry-looking, especially the bangs area.

  • tim.ward says:

    Have had the same haircut for years now. Pretty come as shown except that I usually keep the sides at #1 with the longer top. With lockdown I decided to finally try a complete grow out at least once while I still have hair. Hair is thick and dry. Starts to curl and wave after the first couple inches. Usually use beard brand sea salt spray and american crew molding clay. Today was American crew boost powder and molding clay. Maybe because of the thickness or dryness it seems like it takes way more clay than it should to get some control especially at lengths when the hair starts to curl.

  • seancarter3645 says:

    Any advice or changes to what I am doing would be helpful. I have had a very short, tight Caesar cut for years, but now I’m choosing to grow it out. I use got2be hair thickening pre-styler, blow dry, and finish with dove men-care sculpting paste. I have very fine hair and the fly always drive me nuts. That is why I have always had short hair cuts and used a lot of gel to hold it down. I want longer hair, but I have to figure out what to do with it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Horrik says:

    I just started watching your videos and I have learned quite a bit. I have regular thickness hair that is transitioning into a widows peak. I honestly have no idea what to do. It is way more pronounced on the right side and not so much at all on the left. I currently use thickening shampoo and conditioner. I mainly just use moose and clay for my hair products. What do you think would work best for me?

  • Dave1895 says:


    Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. As I explain in the video I have very thick, heavy hair which curls as it gets longer, think Moana! It can be completely unmanageable if I blow dry it and then try to style it, it just becomes a mass of curls and I end up brushing it forward with all the curls at the front. Normally I towel dry then apply a textured clay like Schwarzkopf got2b I styler, this keeps my hair in place but can leave it looking very dry and slightly grey with a texture of candy floss 🤷🏽‍♂️. So I prefer a DearBarber mattifier but the hold just isn’t there.

    Please help I’ve had a skin head for 20 years and only just grown it out. I don’t want to have to shave it but I can see me getting annoyed with it the long it gets.

    Many thanks


    P.s love your work

  • Dave1895 says:

    Hello, any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. As I explain in the vid I have very thick, heavy hair which goes curly the longer it gets, think Moana! If I blow dry it, then try to style it I have no chance so I towel dry, then apply a textured clay or a DearBarber Mattifier which makes it slightly more malleable. Please help I had a skinhead for 20 years and only just grown this out. I’d rather not have to shave it all off again the more annoyed I get with it.

    Many thanks


    P.s love your work.

  • KoolAidMan7980 says:

    Hi Robin. I love your videos and your product reviews on Youtube. I currently have a high fade with a quiff style on top. I use the Toni and Guy sea salt spray along with Hanz De Fuko claymation. I was wanting to grow the top out longer and go to a Brad Pitt in Fury style cut. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

  • Benjamin White says:

    Hi Robin,

    Just wondering I’ve had this haircut for some time now and still struggling to style it, I am currently using odouds matte paste but my hair is thin and assuming that may be my issue that it is holding it down on weight, could you recommend maybe a new product or a new way to style as currently I am just learning to use a hair dryer and feel I may need to invest in a pre styler!

    Also if you have any tips on what other hairstyles may suite my face or face shape please let me know and any thoughts on the beard also!

    Thankyou in advance! And great chats about fragrance on Instagram 🤙🏻

  • NIklasV says:

    Dont rely know if I am on the right track or not with the haircut. It´s desgin by my hairdresser. My goal now is to get it a litle bit longer and thicker. Thanks to you guys I just bought the Nioxin system 1 😄 Let me know your comments, thanks for a awsome youtube channel! Regards Niklas

  • ThomasHannah says:

    Was slicked bank now got a fringe..not sure what suits me most fancy a change hmm 🤔

  • LEmer2 says:

    Hello Robin, my name is Luke. I had a buzz cut in October and my hair is finally starting to grow out again, which I am excited about. This is my hair currently (after an 8 hour work day) with the Moroccanoil Texture Clay (based on your recommendation). I would like to continue to grow it out, especially on top. My hair is quite fine so I did order the Aveda Thickening Tonic to try on it. The issue when my hair does grow longer is it typically falls flat even with product in it. I am hoping the combo of the tonic and this clay will work well. And I do also have a pretty nasty cowlick that I plan to cover once the hair on top grows longer. Do you guys have any suggestions on the best products to use for my fine hair and also hair styles that will work with me as it grows longer? And do styling powders make hair appear less oily/greasy through out a day or do they work like the other products like clay and cream? I’ve never tried the powder before. Thanks guys.

    • LEmer2 says:

      Also in order for the hair to sit back more readily (my hair always tends to fall forward) should the hair on top be longer in the front or towards the back?

    • LEmer2 says:

      I would love for my hair to look like it naturally falls backwards, which is does not lol.

  • GUDU says:


  • EHocking says:

    My name is Eric! This is my current hair. Looking for hairstyle suggestions moving forward. I’ve typically kept the back and sides quite short with some length on top, either with a messy shorter look or a longer side part. I will be using thickening products moving forward as suggested, and a clay to style!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Richard R. says:

    My name is Richard, and attached is my video. Robin and Man For Himself, thanks in advance.

  • theopinonatedbrit says:

    So I’ve got pretty thick wavy hair. I manage to take it using heavy/firm products,. I have limited time to style before work and try to go for a classic pomp which very rarely works due to it being so thick. Any thoughts or advice on what other style I could go for that’s east to style, but still looks good. Thanks Andy