Feeling Alive

There’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive. 

Photography: Joey London

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It’s a pretty full on quote, but one that’s resonated with me recently. Pinched straight from James Bond’s The World is Not Enough, Electra King makes a pretty valid point.

At the start of this year I took a leap of faith – out of the comfort of my full-time job in TV and into the unknown. Until then, I’d played it relatively safe – going straight from school to uni and then into work. Sure, I worked (and still do!) extremely hard, but my life was kind of planned out for me.

Climb the ladder, move between a few different companies, find ‘the one’, settle down(ish) and then retire. Living the dream.

I got to a point in my life where I craved adventure. I wanted the feeling of being scared and nervous – where I didn’t know where my next pay cheque was coming from or when I was going to get it.

Some would call me foolish, some would say I’m brave. But I’m just excited to feel alive.