Every guy needs a watch. It’s a style staple that can make the difference between a good and a great outfit. 

In this post, I’ve got three looks for you to take inspiration from – covering preppy, urban; and a smart office or evening look.

Men’s Watches | Preppy Look



This first look is relaxed but still super-styled. The secret to its success is in colour-picking.

Wearing a rose gold Thomas Sabo watch and sterling silver bracelet, I’ve taken the pink tones from the face and strap, and replicated them in my outfit.

This has pulled the whole outfit together and made the watch a real central focus.

Rose gold has been a huge trend over the past couple of years and it’s set to stay around for more to come. There’s a real warmth to this style that will keep your look bright and fashion-forward, despite the cold weather outside.

Men’s Watches | Smart Look



This next looks is really for a guy that wants a watch that is stylish but retains a certain formality to it.


In the same style but with dark blue accents, this watch is perfect for the office or a special occasion. I really wouldn’t layer with any other jewellery, just to ensure that the watch really pops.

Again, colour pick to match the watch with your suit. Keep it contemporary (and play it safe!) with dark blue tones for a look that will take you all the way through the season – from work to Christmas parties alike!

Men’s Watches | Urban Look



My final outfit is an everyday look for the guy that is most at home in a pair of black skinnies, boots and a leather jacket.


For guys like you, you want to keep your watch simple! With a bold black face and contrasting black and silver strap, this watch is a style staple.

I really wouldn’t mix any colour with this look and have kept it neutral with a sterling silver Thomas Sabo love bracelet.

Less is definitely more with this style. Don’t overdo it and let the detail of the watch do the talking!