It’s not everyday you get sent a pair of underwear – but what a lovely surprise it was! 

Kim Denzler have taken 5 years to make their vision a reality – to produce “quality underwear that is comfortable and stylish, at a price far below competitors”. And that’s certainly what they’ve done.

Like the Swedish designer, I’ve taken a considerable amount of time to write this review. I wanted to ensure that the review I gave was accurate and true to how the underwear has worn and lasted.

Too often, you buy a fantastic looking pair of boxers, briefs or pants; you wear them once, wash them and then they lose their shape, go bobbly and leave you looking and feeling like a total underwear model reject!

I was sent a pair of the ‘bleached lava’ boxer briefs. Priced at 297 SEK (just under £30) for a 3 pack, the underwear are fantastic value and definitely worth every penny.




Seriously, these are the comfiest boxer briefs I now own. I cannot recommend them more. They look great, provide the perfect support (where it’s needed!) and wash really very well. They’ve not lost their shape and the material has stayed soft and supple.

I’ll certainly be stocking up on these boxer briefs.

My one criticism – Kim Denzler has definitely missed out on a trick. He’s Swedish and he produces pants. Skants, anyone!?


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(These are actually the colour names…)